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How to Record your "miles walked"
  1. Notice all the sustained activity you did today. Sustained activity is where you are moving continuously for several minutes or more.
  2. Look up your activities in the Mega Mileage Club Activity Almanac by turning to the Equivalency Guide pages. Let’s say you shoveled heavy snow for about 20 minutes. The guide shows that 11 minutes of heavy shoveling = 1 ‘Mile Walked’ (11 minutes\1 Mile Walked). You earned about 2 ‘Miles Walked’! If your activity isn’t there – find a similar activity and approximate an equivalent.
  3. Record your ‘Miles Walked’ on the Barton Mileage Club Card. Use one card per Barton student or staff; other non-Barton family members record their miles at the bottom of a student/staff card. Then ask yourself: Can I do more tomorrow? Look in the Equivalency Guide for ideas!
  4. Turn in completed cards to the Barton Mileage Station across from the school office. Cards are complete when all 50 rectangles are crossed-out or the family’s hash-mark section is full. Get a new card and repeat!

Barton Mileage Club Instructions (pdf)

Barton Mileage Club Card (pdf)

Mileage Equivalency Guide

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