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January 2013

Due: 1 / 31 / 13

Book type: biography or auto-biography of an African-American who has made an important contribution to society through action, word or deed.

Report type: interview

FCAs (focus correction areas):

  1. 10 pts: Follow the book report interview format.
  2. 10 pts: Write nine to ten meaningful questions and answers.
  3. 10 pts: Write in complete sentences.


  1. Read a book at your reading level about an African-American person. Do not read an internet bio.
    • Take notes on this person's life as you are reading. Use the "get organized" sheet or your own to record ideas while you are reading.
  2. Write an interview for an audience - your teacher, the class and passers-by; these will be posted in the hallway!
    • Compose nine to ten questions and corresponding responses.


      Subject: Harriet Tubman; question: "Why, after escaping slavery, did you return so many times to free other slaves?"
        Ask questions that will:
      • inform the class about where and when your subject was born and what their family life was like.
      • describe your subject's struggles or obstacles he or she may have faced.
      • examine risks or choices made by your subject.
      • highlight your subject's contributions or achievements
      • uncover for what your subject would most like to be remembered. How do you think your subject would respond?
    • Questions will be in the second person ("You"); Responses will be in the first person ("I") as if the subject was actually answering
    • The interview will teach the class about this person's life
  3. Prepare an EXHIBITION worthy final copy!
    • Write a rough draft, reread it out loud, make changes
    • Have an adult review and edit your work; make changes
    • Check your final draft thoroughly for errors; turn in only your best work!

Format for final paper:

First (title) page

Picture or drawing of your subject - place at top of page

Book Title: ______________________

Author: __________________________

Subject: _________________________ (FULL NAME of SUBJECT)

Interviewer: _____________________ (YOUR NAME)

Skip TWO LINES or move to second page before you begin the interview questions and answers. Keep questions and answers together on the same page - you may need to leave more space at the bottom of a page to accommodate this.

Question and answer format:

Your name: Question (Ms. Tubman, for what would you most like to be remembered?)

Interviewee name: Answer (I would like to be most remembered for...)