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January 23, 2012
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 9:20 AM

Kristin’s Class Newsletter
Clara Barton Open School January 23, 2012,us

Dear Families,

Thanks for coming to our Light Fair on Friday! All the kids were so proud of their work, and there was lots of new learning about Light. It takes lots of parent support to make our light fair happen. Thanks for being there for your kids!

It was lovely to see so many of you at our conferences yesterday. We have 15 done and 11 to go. I’ll make another day next week and we’ll get the rest done. It is nice to start the second half of the year with some good data to help us plan,

Shape Up!
*How do we stay safe and healthy?
*How do our bodies work?
*How do living things grow and change?

We will explore the workings of our body and how we can keep it in tip top shape! Every day we will do something active and at the end of the theme you will get to see what we have learned in our Shape Up performance.
This unit will be filled with data and measurement. We will explore how math is involved in choreographing a routine, survey students about ways they stay healthy and keep data of how our body works. We will get to explore poetry writing as well as expand our Writer’s Workshop writing. This theme will bring the life cycle into the classroom as we watch chicken eggs incubate and hatch. So strap on your tennis shoes and get ready to Shape Up!

We Need:
*Newspapers, lots of newspapers! (for a project in March.) Start saving!
*Empty Kleenex boxes. We’ll need one per student and a few extras. Let’s take advantage of cold and flu season! They can be cube shaped or traditional. We’ll use them for our Valentine boxes.
*Snacks! We have enough for a day or two.

Amanda comes back to school tomorrow. Thanks for all of your kind support! Kristin