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Kindergarten New - November 12, 2014
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 9:25 PM

                                                       November 12, 2014
Room 114 Families,
     Our Wild Rumpus Fund Raiser is this Wednesday, Nov.12 (today, depending on when you are reading this note).  It is a fun event!  Wild Rumpus bookstore is so “kid friendly” and they have such wonderful books. A certain percent of all sales go to Barton School during this event. There are cookies and entertainment and lots of Barton families to chat with.  It’s a great time to do some holiday shopping or just write down good titles.  I will be at Wild Rumpus around 4pm and maybe I will see you there!
     Picture retake day is this Thursday, Nov.13th.  I sent the last of the photo orders home with children last Thursday, (check those backpacks!)  If you are unhappy with the way the photos look, send the complete order back to Kate and your child will have their photo retaken.
    Our classroom is in need of disinfecting wipes and more classroom snacks. (We use 32 wipes a day; the children wipe their placemats after lunch and three more to wipe the tables)  Thanks in advance if your family could contribute for either, wipes or snacks.
     You will find in your child’s folder their “Life Cycle of a Pumpkin” project.  Their ”homework” for the week is to tell the cycle to family members.
     Friday morning we will meet with our Big Buddies and they will help us start a Thanksgiving craft project.  It involves tracing the kindergarteners hands and feet.  The children will then finish the project the next week and bring it home later in the week.
Here’s what we have been working on in kindergarten this week:
I told the kindergarteners about the “4 H Brothers”.  The four brothers all have the last name of “H” and each brother makes an H blend sound.  The youngest brother is Charlie, he loves trains and goes around saying, “CH “ “CH’.  The next brother is Whistler, who ironically cannot whistle but goes around saying, “WH”, “WH”.  The third brother is Thinker, who is trying to think around his noisy younger brothers and he says, as he taps his temples, “TH’, “TH” and finally the last and oldest brother, Sherman, who wishes he live in a quieter house goes around saying, “SH”,”SH” to get his noisy brothers to quiet down.  The children love the story and will gladly tell
you about each brother.  They will play “H - Brothers” games with a partner to reinforce these letter blends and hopefully these blends will start showing up in their writing and decoding skills.
In math this week the children are playing counting games, like, “Build It”.  In “Build It” partners take turns picking a number card and adding that many counters to a ten frame.  The next partner then picks a card and either clears the board and makes a new number or for those able to add-on or takeoff counters to make a new total.  For those really confident counters we increase the ten frame to 15, 20 or 30, so they are working with bigger numbers.  In another math activity called, “Inventory Bags” partners take one of many bags filled with classroom supplies.  The partners count the supplies, print the number and record each object in a drawing.  For students who are ready we add the step of making tally marks for each item in the bag. When they are done they start on a new bag.
In Writers Workshop the children are writing an ending for the book, Enemy Pie by Derek Munson.  The story stars out with a boy explaining to his dad why another boy in his neighborhood is his enemy.  The dad says he understands, he remembers when he was a boy and he too had an enemy.  The dad suggests they hatch a plan against the enemy; invite him over for “Enemy Pie”.  One stipulation about the plan; the boy must spend the day with his enemy and then they will invite him to eat the enemy pie.  Ask your child what they think will happen at the end of the story? Or what do they think the ingredients for “enemy pie” might be?  On Wednesday, I will read the end of the story and they should be able to tell you what happened.
Star Student this week:  Zunairah Mirza Rumaan
Star Student next week:  Jordan Walker
Thanks to the Silpapla family for washing the class water bottles and snack cups.