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Kindergarten News - April 8, 2015
Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:55 AM

                                                                 April 8, 2015
Room 114 Families,
     I hope you all had a great Spring Break.  It seems to me the whole class grew about an inch over break and of course lost even more teeth!
     You will find the permission slip for our May 6th field trip to the MN Zoo.  Please sign the front and back of the permission slip and return with the field trip fee as soon as possible.
     We continue to write and draw about “small moments” from the children’s lives in Writers Workshop.  This week the children will be writing about something that they did during Spring Break.  I read the story, ”A Chair For My Mother” by Vera B. Williams.  In this story a young girl explains why her family is saving coins in a large, glass jar.  They are saving to buy a comfortable chair.  The story within the story is why they need a chair; their family experienced a home fire.  Vera B. Williams uses wonderful descriptive words to really paint a picture using words.  She describes the color of the tulips they see as they walk home from buying new spring shoes, she describes the kinds of shoes the mom and daughter have bought.  Then they come upon their block and the fire.  Ask your kindergartener how Vera B. Williams described the fire, I bet they will remember.  Using excellent literature as an example will (hopefully!) encourage the children to add more descriptive words in their own writing.
     We have started a new science on paper.  On Tuesday the children made a collage out of many different kinds of paper.  Over the next few days the children will be exploring the property of paper.  The kindergarteners will fold paper, write on with pencils, markers and crayon and drop water on paper to see how different kinds of paper will react.  The children will use, wax paper, newsprint, tissue paper Kleenex, paper towel, craft paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard.  For the final project the children will be making recycled paper.
     Next Friday, April 17th is our all school field trip to the Ordway Theater in St. Paul.  I can take one more parent volunteer to go along with us.  We leave at 9:15 and return before noon.  Let Kate know if you are interested.
     In math this week we are looking at three-dimensional geometric shapes.  The children are looking at wooden block shapes and counting the faces (sides), edges (lines) and corners (points) of each shape.  They are using geotiles to make geometric puzzles and geoboards and rubber bands 
to make geometric shapes that they will record on paper.
     How are plant sales going?  Paper orders are due next Monday, April 13th at 9am.  Online ordering goes a bit longer.
     Thanks for families sending in the portfolio material fee ($5.00).  We are close to making our total, thanks for sending the fee in if you can!
     We are down to just animal crackers for snacks.  If you are able to donate any small crackers, pretzels, bananas, oranges, or apples it would be greatly appreciated!
Some dates to remember: 
Mon. 4/13/ Paper Plant Sales orders due
Thurs. 4/16Student Author Night 6-7pm
Friday 4/17 Ordway Field trip
Wed. 5/6 MN Zoo Field Trip
Fri. 5/8 Plant Sale pick-up Day
Thurs. 5/28 Portfolio Sharing for Room 114 Kgn. 7:30 am
Star Student this week:  Nora Owen
Star Student next week:  Liam Burow
Thanks to the Hennesy/Honer family for washing our snack cups and class water bottles this weekend.