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Kindergarten News - March 4, 2015
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 9:35 PM

                                                               March 4, 2015
Room 114 Families,
     We are finishing up several projects this week.  One of the projects is our science unit on fabric.  In your child’s folder are all the fabric experiments.  The children’s homework is to explain to you what we did in each experiment.
     We are also finishing up our penguin unit.  The children have been writing penguin facts and drawing the five different types of penguins.  For our end “penguin activity” we will be watching the documentary, “March of the Penguins”.  I will explain to the children that this shows a complete year in the life of Emperor Penguins.  It is not “Happy Feet”.  It shows how penguins have predators who want to eat them.  And penguin eggs do roll off parent’s feet, freeze and crack before the baby penguin has hatched.  The photography is amazing and the film is beautiful but I tell the children they have to view it with “scientist eyes.”  We will watch half of the movie on Thursday and half on Friday.
     After taking a bit of a writing break (those “How To…” books were a lot of hard work!) we are back hard at work during Writers Workshop.  We have been noticing how good stories have a beginning, middle and end.  The children have been wearing their story idea necklaces.  You never know when a story might hit you, so if you are wearing your story necklace you can jot down your idea to use later!  Yesterday, the children kind of “story boarded” the beginning, middle and end of their next story. The story must include them in part of the story.  We will start the actual story later this week and take another week to “polish” it up, adding details and illustrations.
     We continue to have Music with Lisa and the children have learned two guitar chords, have them show you!  We start Art with Meri on Monday, March 9th.
     We have an All Star Morning Meeting this Friday, don’t be late and if you are; meet us in the Commons down in the front.
      All but one small group has finished their themed alphabet book.  They are reading the books to the class and then some lucky kindergartener will get to take it home as a kindergarten souvenir, at the years end. 
      If you had your child’s conference this last week your copy of the goal setting sheet is in the folder today.  I have met with all 29 families!  Thank you all for coming in and meeting together.  It shows the commitment we all have for your child’s future.
     We have a need for disinfecting wipes, if your family could donate some, it would be greatly appreciated!
Star Student this week:  Yacqub Abdi
Star Student next week: Suleqa Hussein
Thanks to the Hennessy/Honer family for washing the class water bottles and snack cups.