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Kindergarten News - November 19
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 8:50 PM

                                                          November 19, 2014
Room 114 Families,
  Thank you to the families that sent snacks and disinfectant wipes for our classroom.  Being thankful is kind of our theme for the week.  I am reading stories to the children about the first Thanksgiving.  They should be able to tell you the name of the ship that the pilgrims come on to America, the country that the pilgrims came from and why they left.  The children also know how the Native American Squanto helped the pilgrims.  We have been talking about what we are each thankful for and the children will be writing about four things they are thankful for at Writers Workshop this week.
     We change specialists on Friday.  We will start our second rotation of Art with Meri.
     Did you notice the Word Bird in your child’s folder today?  This “bird” has to be fed once a day and he ONLY eats words!  I will send home five sight words every two weeks along with some challenge words for those who master them quickly.  I have also attached a brief summary of what sight words are and the importance they play with beginning reading.  There are also ideas to use the sight words to play games and other fun activities to reinforce the sight words.  Hang your Word Bird on your fridge or somewhere that gets daily attention.  Practicing daily is a fun way to bridge school to home.  For those children who are confident readers I have given the words they read incorrectly at their first reading assessment with me in the fall.
Learning Sight Words
The Dolch Sight Word list is a list of 220 words that make up between 50 -70% of the words we encounter in text.  Most of these words are “service words” that must be quickly recognized in order to read fluently.  Many of the Dolch sight words cannot be “sounded out” and they need to be learned by “sight”.  Because recognizing these words is so important during reading, using a variety of activities to teach, practice and memorize the words is critical in teaching children to read.  Try using these activities to help your child learn and practice sight words:
Multi-sensory ways to learn and practice sight words:
Have your child write sight words with glitter glue
Have your child write sight words with wikki stix
Have your child write sight words with playdoh
Have your child write sight words with puffy paint
Put craft sand on a paper.  Have your child practice tracing sight words in the sand.
Put hair gel in a zip lock baggie.  Seal the baggie.  Have your child write the letters of the sight words in the gel.
Squirt shaving cream on a plate or table.  Spread the cream.  Have your child write the
sight words in the shaving cream.
Jump, hop, clap, tap out the letters of the sight words (t-h-e “the)
Sight Words Games:
Make sight word flashcards on 3x5 index cards and place them on a ring.  Short and frequent practice with naming the words works better than longer sessions.  Try reviewing cards during commercial breaks.
Draw a star on the back of a 3x5 index card.  Place this card and the flashcards face down on a table.  Take urns turning over and reading the words.  Try to be the player who finds the card with the star.  When the star card is turned over, the first player to slap it wins!
Make duplicates of the sight word cards and play the memory game.
Make several 5x5 grids and put sight words in the squares.  Make your own chips with the words written on them.  Play BINGO.
Write the sight words on sticky notes and place them on a wall.  Turn down the lights and give your child a flashlight.  Have your child shine the light on the words and read each word.
We will meet with our Big Buddies Friday morning.  We will watch the video “Snowy Day” (we read the book by Jack Ezra Keats today) and make our own snowy day art -work with paint, paper and some observational drawing.
Star Student this week:  Jordyn Walker
No Star student next week due to short school week
Star student Dec. 1 -5th:  Kaelani Hoyt
Thanks to the Saez/Weston family for washing our class water bottles and snack cups this weekend.
** Remember no school next Wed. – Friday, Nov. 26,27,28 Happy Thanksgiving! There will not be a newsletter next week so safe travels and I am very thankful for my 29 wonderful kindergarteners!