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Kindergarten News - September 24, 2014
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 9:50 PM

September 24, 2014 

Room 114 


Today is the 20th routines are in place and we are all building our school stamina. We seem ready to start both Writers and Readers Workshops. 

Today the children participated in our first Writers Workshop. I read part of the story, “Good Night Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann and asked the children to draw, label and write how the story might end. The children have writing partners who they sit by to write and share their writing. Two or three students share their work with the whole class using the microphone and document camera. Everyone eventually gets a turn to share with the whole class. Ask your child how they thought “Good Night Gorilla” was going to end. Later, I will finish reading the book to the children. What makes “Good Night Gorilla” the perfect choice for our first Writers Workshop is that the story is mainly told through pictures. It is a good example for those children who think they cannot write a story yet. I use the word, “yet” very deliberately because I want them to know they can tell a story with pictures and that they will progress to writing a story with words when they are ready. 

This week in math the children have learned to play a number game called, “Monster Crunchers”. Partners take turns choosing a number (in secret) the second partner guesses the number and the other partner has to decide if the guess is “smaller than” or “larger than” the guess. The “monster” part is how the” monsters” eat the numbers that have been eliminated, leaving the guesses to get closer to the number picked. To make the game more challenging the number line can be made longer, with more numbers to choose from. We will be starting an integrated project with both a math, writing and drawing component. After hearing the story, “Ten Black Dots” by Donald Crews the children will make their own dot book. Using adhesive dots and their imaginations the children will put the correct day of kindergarten and most of our classroom number of dots on each page and create a picture that includes the dots 1-10. They will also write the words on each page describing their dot picture. 

Kori, Linus’ mom is coming in on Thursday to read a special story, “Iggy Peck, Architect”, a story about building which will be a perfect introduction to opening to opening the BIG block set on Friday. The blocks have names like, ”unit”, “double” (twice as big as a unit), “quad” (four times as big as a unit) and a “half” (half as big as a unit). Students are guided to build “safe structures” that are only as tall as they are on their knees and stand the “thumb wiggle test” by the building inspector. When they are done they will “unbuild” the structure, safely, sorting pieces that are alike and bull dozing them back to the block cabinet. 

We meet with our Buddies again Friday morning. Most students have a photo of their Big Buddie and themselves in their folder today. If your child was not at school or late last Friday, when we took the photos, they will not have a photo until next week. We change specialists on Monday, 9/29. We have science with Sue B. 

Star Student next week: Sawyer Dodge 

Thanks to the Saez/Weston family for washing our class water bottles and snack cups this weekend.