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Kindergarten News 12/18/13

Room 114 Families,

If you missed the kindergarteners along with multiple other grades singing the”Wavin’ Flag” sound at last week’s All School Morning Meeting , you can see it on you tube! Our kindergarten class is front and center, the link is:
We continue to work on the Gingerbread theme this week. We’ve heard “Gingerbread” stories about gingerbears, gingerbabies and an urban gingerbreadboy story. We still have a few more left with the last story I read to them, the exciting, “Gingerbread Pirate”! The children have helped make the gingerbread dough that we will rollout, cut with cookie cutters and decorate on Friday morning. Our schedule for Friday morning with lots of parent and grandparent volunteers is:

7:30 -8:00am attend the choral concert (if you don’t want to attend concert come at 8:00am
8:00 – 9:00 in small groups roll out, cut and decorate cookies
9:00 – 9:15 clean-up, it goes quick with so many helpers!
If you have a rolling pin or extra sprinkles we can always use more of those two items.
I have someone who will bake cookies in the “staff lounge” upstairs. And then who knows what might happen?! I just bet your kindergartener will have quite a story to tell when they get home on Friday.

We will see our Big Buddies on Thursday morning instead of Friday due to the choral concert. In keeping with our gingerbread cookie theme, the uppers and their kindergarten buddies will taste test some cookies with the scientific question, “What part of a Gingerbread cookie do people eat first?” The children will eat the little treat and then figure out if it is the head, foot or arm that most people eat first!
I was able to have each of the kindergarteners read to me; everyone is working hard and progressing. Henry’s grandma, Sandy comes in on Thursday afternoons and has students read aloud to her on a rotating basis.
I know I mentioned that after break I want to start a small group, “themed alphabet book” project. I will need 5 volunteers to help a small group come up with a theme and make an alphabet book. I give lots of examples and a template and all the supplies. You can pretty much pick a day and time (about a 45 minute time frame works best) to work with the small group. It doesn’t have to be the same day or time though that does help with scheduling. Think about it over break and let me know later if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.
Today during Writers Workshop we didn’t actually write! I wanted the children to do some reflection on how far they have come as writers. The children compared their first writing work to last weeks, lots of great progress! Then I asked them to put a post it on three of their writing assignments:
Pick one where you love the drawing, pick one where you are proud of the writing and finally pick one you would like to “fix-up” or improve. I realize that being ”self reflective” isn’t so developmental to kindergarteners but we try to model good habits that writers use and self-editing is one of those goals. It’s just an exposure to self reflection... mostly it will be a celebration of hard work and focus. We will finish our Writers Workshop with a “toast’ of apple juice. We will lift our glasses to the beginning writers’ awesome progress!

Thanks for sending gym shoes! I will try to send a gentle email reminder to bring gym shoes on Jan. 6th, when we’re back from break.

Star Student this week: Maddie Bjork
Star Student after break Jan. 6 -10: Aiden Tupper
Thanks to the Thompson/Kelly family for washing our water bottle over break!

I hope you all have a relaxing Winter Break! See you next year!:)