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Kindergarten News 3/12/14

Room 114 Families,

You may have heard that the kindergarteners are turning boxes into leprechaun houses to attract any possible leprechauns over the weekend. We read a book about a grade school class that had a leprechaun visit their classroom. The kindergarteners thought it might be fun to make small, green and gold glittered, comfortable homes to attract leprechauns. Tomorrow in Writers Workshop the children will write a letter to the leprechauns. We have been talking about writing questions and the kindergarteners have a LOT of questions to ask the leprechauns. I am sure the children will tell you all about the results of the project.

We are starting a new science unit. The children will explore all the properties of paper. Yesterday the children tried writing with pencil, marker and crayon on many kinds of paper. (Wax paper, corrugated cardboard, card stock, paper towels, newsprint and facial tissue) Later the children will see how different kinds of paper react with water, fold paper and finally the children will recycle paper to make new paper.

The ABC themed book small groups are hard at work. A couple of the groups will be ready to read their books to the class next week. Other groups are still working on the letter pages.

Next Thursday our class (along with all other grades except half-day kindergarten) will be attending the AXIS dance performance at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul. We will leave at 9:15 and return around noon. We will eat our lunch later that day so I will make sure the kindergarteners have a bigger snack that morning.

Several Barton parents are starting a seed-planting project and have asked the kindergarteners to participate. Tami Tripp will help our class plant tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and kale. The seeds will be put under grow lights kept in the larger half-day kindergarten room. Some of the plants will be transplanted in May to the Barton community garden and each kindergartener will get a tomato plant home. We start planting seeds next Tuesday. I will keep you updated as the plants progress.

Speaking of seeds and plants, this Friday kicks off the Barton Plant Sale fundraiser opportunity. You will find a letter in your child’s folder today that explains the Barton Plant Sale to new families or a letter that explains the new updated way customers can order plants this year. I always tell new families that the Barton Plant Sale is more of a community event. On plant sale pick-up day former Barton families, retired teachers and everyone is picking up their plants, it’s a real community tradition! So ask your friends and relatives if they are, “tired of winter and ready to order plants and flowers from the Barton Plant Sale?’ I know I am ready to think green!

We have an All School Morning Meeting this Friday morning. We will pick up our Big Buddies at 7:30 so don’t be late and if you are, meet us in the Commons.

Our specialists are science in the morning and music in the afternoon.

Star Student this week: Mohamed Mohamed

Star Student next week: Ayub Elmi

Thanks to the Steiner/Peske family for washing our class water

bottles and snack cups