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Kindergarten News 4/9/14

Room 114 Families,

     Finally, spring weather is here!  Our class even managed a few second “mini” (15 minutes) recesses this week.  It seems everything is easier when the temps are mild and the sun is shining!
     I wanted to tell parents about the upcoming “Student Author Night”.  Student Author Night is a place for young budding writers to read their work and get positive feedback. Barton Student Author Night this year is on Thursday, April 24th from 6-7p.m.  Each young writer is assigned a classroom where 2-3 other young authors (K-8th grade) share some of their written work.  Adult volunteers give positive feedback after each reading.  I have had many brave kindergarteners that have chosen to participate every year and they all enjoyed the experience.  Children may read something they have written at school or something they have worked on at home.  I need to have the names of the students who wish to participate by Thursday, April 17th.  Parents should email me or fill out the form at the bottom of the newsletter.  If you let me know which school writing your child wants to read I can send it home with them to practice reading.  Some possibilities could be:  “How To Books”, First Small Moment, Writing about the Leprechauns or journal entries.  If your child signs–up you will receive a confirmation of the room number that they will be reading in.
     Our class is diving into poetry for our next few writing lessons. I have been reading poetry to the children all week.  Several students have also read poems from home.  We have heard funny poems, clever poems and more serious poems.  I want the children to, ”see the world like poets”.  I read a poem from a five-year old student that shows how the young poet saw an ordinary object in a fresh new way. Then I ask the children to look at objects from my “Poetry Museum”, interesting and things of beauty.  I ask them to sketch and use words to describe the object on their table.  I ask the children to see the object with poet eyes and think of different ways to describe the object. For example, instead of writing, “The pine cone is brown.”  The student might write, “The pine cone is a wooden porcupine.”  For now, we are not writing poems but seeing objects in a new way and recording these thoughts in our poet notebooks.  Our poetry notebooks will help the children eventually write their own poems.
      One of the math activities this week is to make different arrangements of tiles using the same number of tiles.  Moving these tiles arrangements and recording the arrangements helps children see that the arrangement of six tiles can look very different but still be six tiles.  The children do this same process for the numbers 6-10.  Later this week the children will play a game called, “Fill the Hexagon”. The children use dice with geometric shapes on the sides instead of dots.  The children roll the die and choose geometric shapes to fill a hexagon shape.  They see that triangles, rhombus can fit together like a puzzle to make another shape, a hexagon.  The kindergarteners will play with each other and on Friday morning they will play with their Big Buddies.
     A more consistent tardy policy will be starting this week at Barton.  Any students coming in after 7:30 must sign–in late at the Health Office.  I didn’t always make late kindergarteners go to the office, though I did count them tardy. Also, any student getting school breakfast needs to go and pick-up breakfast before they stop in the classroom. We as a staff are trying to be more consistent in both these areas.
     Plant sales orders are due on Monday, April 14th.  I know with kindergarteners it is the parents that do most of the “selling’.  Our school so appreciates your help in this very important school fundraiser.  “Sell green plants!”
     We continue to have gym in the morning and art in the afternoon.  Keep sending or have your kindergartener wear gym shoes daily.

Star Student this week:  Mustaf Mohamoud
Star Student next week:  Evan Bennett

My child _________________________ wishes to participate in the Student Authors Night on April 27th.  My child would like to bring _______________________ (name the writing) home from school to practice reading.

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