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Kindergarten News 5/21/2014

Room 114 Families,

     Our farm field trip was great fun last Thursday!  Thanks so much to the parents:  Kris Johnson (Ben’s dad), Kris Thompson (Julia’s mom), Liz Tupper (Aidan’s mom), Mel Muller (William’s mom) and Sarah Meysenburg (Isla’s mom). Everyone was great, pitching in to make the trip a breeze!  Today the children are bringing their farm fact and drawing book home along with the writing about their day on the farm.
     Our room and hallway are looking very bare…all the children’s artwork is being sent home.  Yesterday I sent the “big heads”, really my most favorite artwork the children do!  For some reason their “personalities” come out so much in the way they draw their faces and the “things” that they have made their heads “full” of.  I also sent their ”Golden Sculptures” home yesterday that they made in Art class with Meri.  More painting artwork from Meri’s class is in the kindergarteners backpack today.
     We are working on a unit about coins and money.  I hope to have the children will be able to recognize a penny, nickel, dime and quarter by sight and start to know the value of each coin and how coins can add up to be different numbers.  There are 4 poems that help the children remember sizes and coin value.  Here they are in case they want to practice at home.

Penny, penny, easily spent, copper brown and worth one cent.
Nickel, nickel thick and fat, you’re worth five cents, I know that!
Dime, dime, little and thin, I remember you’re worth ten.
Quarter, quarter, big and bold, you’re worth 25 I am told.

We have been talking about the people on the coins, presidents and important people in our country’s history.  We have acted out a story, “Benny’s Pennies”, about a boy spending pennies to buy gifts for his family. We have flipped pennies to see how many “heads and tails” we get in ten tries. We will be playing more making change games, one is called, “Making Cents of George” Students in pairs, use dice to “win” pennies and then trade five pennies for a nickel and then five nickels trade in for a quarter.  The first partner to get the quarter wins that game.  Finally, just for fun!  We will hear the story Bunny Money, where Max and Ruby (brother and sister bunnies) shop for their grandma’s birthday gift but their money is so easily spent!  We will make
Bunny Money$ to ‘Spend” as we read the story and of course if you have cash you need a wallet, so the children will make a kind of duct tape wallet to keep their Bunny $$ in.
     I have asked the 1st/2nd grade teachers to let us make a quick visit to each of their classrooms before school is out.  Though the children won’t find out until later in the summer what room they will be in next year, these visits give them some idea about where the rooms are and who all the teachers are. They find out by asking questions to the now 1st graders that many things about first grade, especially in the beginning is what they are use to from kindergarten!
      Remember, Monday, June 1st is our Portfoilo and Memory Book event from 7:30 – 9:00 am open house style, come and go as your schedule permits.  We’ll have bagels, coffee and juice and you will be amazed at all your child’s progress!  An invitation to the Portfolio and Memory book sharing will come in next Tuesday’s folder.
     We start Media and Gym as our last specialist rotation today; please make sure kindergarteners have gym shoes until the end of the year.

Remember no school this Monday due to Memorial Day.
Star Student this week:  Violet Lundgren
Star Student next week: William Clarke  (YEA! William you have waited so long!)
Thanks to the Elmi/Mohamed family for washing our snack cups and water bottles.