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Kindergarten News 5/28/2014

Room 114 Families,

     Here we are at the end of May!  The days are whisking by.  The class is preparing for our portfolio day, working on assessments and preparing work samples for their first grade teacher.
    The Barton office has decided not to send a letter home this summer, telling your child’s teacher for the next year.  Instead there will be an August 13th, “Get Connected Day”.  Parent and students will come to the Barton Commons and bring school forms (forms that will be online this summer) have their child’s photo taken and find out their child’s classroom for the next year of school.  Look for all the details in the Barton Bugle this week.
     I hope your kindergartener has been telling you about our visit to 1st/2nd grade classrooms.  On Tuesday morning we visited Jane Spicer’s class, (room 120) and did a morning stretch.  On Tuesday afternoon we went to Kristin Sonquist’s class (room 102) and Dawn White’s class (room 104).  The older students told us about field trips, recess and beginning of the year 1st grade math, that’s “just right” for the start of school!  Wednesday, we will visit Patrice Pavek’s class (room 116) and Julie Martin’s class (room 118).  Julie and Patrice have a doorway between their rooms and do some shared activities.  We will visit Linda Wilderdink’s class (room 108) either later this week or next week.  Hopefully, seeing the 1st /2nd grade classrooms and meeting all the teachers will settle some of the nervousness that is natural when change is coming.
     Look in today’s folder for your special invitation to the Memory Book/Portfolio Sharing Event on Monday June 2nd from 7:30 -9:00 (open house style, come and go as your schedule allows).  When you get to school you will pick-up your kindergartener, their portfolio and Memory Book.  Next get a bagel, juice or coffee and find a place to look through your child’s schoolwork and photos from the school year.  There will be tables and chairs in the main hallway and feel free to use the Commons too.  When you are done, your child returns to our classroom and I ask that parents please take all the portfolio and memory books with them so the children do not have to take them on the bus.
      After our portfolios have gone we concentrate on having some fun at school!  We read a story about “The Littles”, tiny people like creatures who live among us in our homes.  The children will pick which “type of Littles they want to pretend to be:  tree tinies, brooke tinies, recycle/trash tinies, etc.  Then, using any and all materials (blocks, legos, math manipulatives, cotton balls, tooth pix, you get the idea.  They get to create a huge “Littles’ settlement.  It usually takes us two days to build and one day to cleanup!  It is so fun to watch the children building, creating and using their imaginations…exactly what “almost first graders” should be doing!
     Kindergarteners do not go to Lake Day on Thursday, June 5th.  Instead, we enjoy being “Kings and Queens” of the school!  We use the gym; we go to the playground and have a special icy treat.  For ten minutes when the school is just us (and Kirsten’s kindergarten class), the children go in partners and roam the school!  When they hear my voice over the intercom they return to the classroom full of tales of adventure.  I don’t really know when it got to be a “big deal” but now it’s kind of a kindergarten legend!
      List poems are in your child’s folder today.  Sending them in this email seemed like a paste and cut nightmare, so a paper copy is coming home.
Here are the last two cinquains:

By Julia, Mustaf, Frankie and William         By Ben, Ayub, Charlie and Evan

           Science                                                Reptiles
          Nature, trees                                    Iguanas, lizards
     Looking, smelling, feeling                        Gliding, swimming, jumping
     Cool skulls, bones, teeth                      Survive by themselves outdoors
            Discovery                                             Poikilotherms

See you all on Monday!