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May 18, 2013
Sunday, May 19, 2013 9:50 PM


The News From Room 209
May 18, 2013

We’re back! It was a successful trip, I have recouped some of my missing sleep, and before I get on with my weekend, I want to share some highlights with you.
Great Lake Aquarium
Thursday afternoon we explored the Great Lakes Aquarium on Lake Superior in Duluth. We attended a class called Habitat Trackers that compared two different rivers: the Baptism River and the Saint Louis River. Both empty into Lake Superior, but provide very different habitats for fish and other aquatic wildlife.

Park Point
After the class, exploring the aquarium and some journaling about the experience, we boarded our bus and traveled across the Aerial Lift Bridge to Park Point. Dinner was a hot dog and s’more feast, and dessert was digging, rock throwing, and log carrying, down by the lake!

At the Lodge
Lights out came at 9:30, sleep came a bit later for most and much later for a few! The boys were up by 5:30, I turned the lights on at 6:00 for the girls. The morning went like this: get up, get dressed, pack up, pack your lunch, eat some / many pancakes, load the bus.

Hiking at Gooseberry Falls
By 8:15 we were back on the bus and heading north along the shore of the great lake. We met with Ben, a DNR naturalist, at the Gooseberry Falls Visitor Center before setting off on our hike. First stop was the falls, where the water was rushing loudly. Students sketched and described this awesome sight in their journals, then continued down the trail towards the lake.

There were other sketches and a scavenger hunt to complete before reaching the big water. It seemed we found lichen everywhere we looked (the sightings were prompted by a great DNR article we read in preparation for the trip). It was a bit chilly and windy as we approached the lake, but we felt fortunate that there was no rain. Lunch at the shelter by the lake, some rock climbing, more rock throwing and rock hunting, then back on the bus for the long ride home. (We will continue working in journals for the next week.)

One last stop at the Thompson Hill rest stop, then back on the road and time for some journal and poetry writing! Finally, we arrived back at Barton to a crowd of adoring parents!

Thank you to a wonderful group of chaperones. They worked hard supervising, carrying, cooking, loading and unloading! This trip was only possible because of their efforts. THANK YOU!