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May Newsletter

Dear Classroom 120 Families,

     Thank you for the wonderful support with our play! It was great to see so many of you in the audience. The whole project was a great success! Students built confidence and community. They had a great time preparing for and presenting the show, I don’t think any of them will ever forget the names of the planets! We will be singing one of the songs at Kindergarten Roundup at 9:30 this Thursday (5/6). I am integrating this performance with our unit of writing non -fiction. The students are working in teams or groups of 3 to research one planet, make a poster about the planet, and present their report to the class. Research should be complete by Wednesday; presentations of the planets, in order, will begin on Thursday (5/6).

     Uli finished his final session with our kids last Thursday. He taught 4 lessons about urban gardening. The students got to sample a variety of foods that can be grown locally. They also planned where they would place their plant when it came home, and grew, a pea, tomato, sunflower, or broccoli. I have copied the letter he left for me on the back of this newsletter. .

    First graders finished the measurement unit in math; measuring with paper clips, baby steps, kid steps, basketball player steps, and one inch tiles, (unit 5). We started unit 6, it focuses on representing items with an equation, filling in the missing parts of an equation, and solving story problems. Second grade is continuing to work on measurement, problem solving strategies, solving problems in their heads, (facts in a snap), and describing the strategies.

    Karen, our school nurse had a student teacher come in to our classroom and teach about germs and hand washing. Hopefully this will help stop the spread of germs and illness.

    We will also be going to Highland Park’s Chutes and Ladders play area for a fun end- of year field trip. Please see and return attached slip.

    Our classroom is running a bit low on snacks, and we’re completely out of antibacterial wipes; contributions are welcomed!


     Happy Spring!

    Jane Spicer