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Heading to Africa
Monday, April 26, 2010 5:30 AM

Congratulations movers and shakers! You have added another 470 miles making our grand total equal 2622 ‘miles walked’! We are in the mid-Atlantic ocean steering a course to the western coast of Africa. Which port city should we head for? Go to, read about the western port cities/countries, then send your vote to Keep moving, converting, and tracking – let’s get to Africa by the end of the school year! 

Walking Across the Atlantic Ocean
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 9:35 PM

Wow - when you all get moving, we make fast tracks! The Barton Mileage Club movers and shakers ‘walked’ 765 mile in one week, making their way well across the Atlantic ocean from Florida toward Africa! We have ‘walked’ a total of 2152 miles so far. Thanks for picking up forms and tracking your activity. Congratulations...and keep moving, converting, and tracking. Be well, Barton!

Join in the Mileage Fun
Monday, April 12, 2010 4:10 AM

At our All School Morning meeting last week, Stasia Steinhagen and family reminded all Barton students and their families to participate in The Barton Mileage Club. With about 20 families participating so far we ‘walked’ to Florida and saved 60 gallons of gas in two months. How far can we go when all the students and their family member participate? Let’s find out!

To play you simply track your daily SUSTAINED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, the kind of activity that after about 5 minutes gets your blood moving, your muscles warmed up a bit, etc. Things like taking the stairs, vacuuming, hula hooping, pogo-sticking, playing soccer, walking the dog all count toward two Barton goals: Increasing physical activity and reducing carbon-emissions in our community. It’s like PALA, but for its everyone, every day of the year, and with a carbon-savings twist!

To track your activity is easy: Just stop by the Barton Mileage Station across from the school office or at our Virtual Barton Mileage Club Station on the Barton website. There you will find Instructions, a Mileage Equivalency Guide, and Barton Mileage Club Cards. Participants simply think back on all of the SUSTAINED PHYSICAL ACTIVITY that they have done over the course of the day, then use the handy Equivalency Guide to convert that activity into “Miles Walked”. If you can’t find a listing for the exact activity you did, approximate a similar activity. Then, check off the number of ‘Miles Walked’ on a mileage card. The next day, encourage yourself to go do just a bit more.

Turn in completed cards back at the Barton Mileage Station. While there pick up replacement cards and check out our community’s progress: See how far we have walked and how much fuel we have saved! The students seemed to think we could ‘walk’ to both Africa and China by the end of the school year. If we each be active, record it, and be even more active tomorrow, we’ll make it! Be active, be well!

Florida for Spring Break
Monday, April 5, 2010 7:35 AM

Our wellness initiatives are going great!

  • Through the BARTON MILEAGE CLUB, Barton made it well on it’s way to Florida for Spring Break – we arrived just in time!
  • Lots of kids are biking and walking into school again now that daylight and warmth have returned (remember, every Friday is Bike/Walk to School Day!).
  • We see lots of kids making healthy lunch and snack choices that are good for them and good for the earth (by using reusable containers)!

Students, staff, parents, and siblings: Not participating in the BARTON MILEAGE CLUB, yet? Spring into action– start recording all that activity you do and see if you can do a little more each week. Help us get to another continent by school’s end!

Travel Mileage
Monday, March 22, 2010 1:15 AM

Barton walked another 937 miles in these past two of weeks! We are headed southeast through Kentucky and North Carolina to root them on in the Final Four as we make our way to Florida for Spring Break. Here is what one of our Barton walkers had to report: “Barton school marched through downtown Chicago today, stopping by the John Hancock and Sear Tower buildings and onto the beaches of Lake Michigan. The 3-4 classes had a volleyball tournament, the Uppers played frisbee, the 1-2 grades played circle games, while the 5-6 teams rocked in their foot races. At 6 PM we had a huge feast of Chicago-style hot dog with veggie burgers and salads. On to the fenced pastureland of Kentucky!” Would you like to be a Barton Mileage Club traveloguer? E-mail Stasia at Remember to be active and track it on your mileage cards! Be well, Barton.

Double-Counting Counts
Monday, February 22, 2010 6:00 AM

How far did you go this week? According to the turned in mileage cards, the school community has walked 450 miles already. That’s all the way to Chicago ‘by foot’, saving 20 gallons of fuel in the process! Remember to fill out your mileage cards, counting any sustained physical activity you do. Check our progress at the Barton Mileage Club Station across from the office – and turn in your completed cards there. Remember, it’s OK to put your PALA activity on your mileage cards; it’s one time that double-counting counts! Be well, Barton!

How Far Did You Go This Week?
Sunday, February 14, 2010 6:25 AM

The cards are getting filled up at our house! Nia Steinhagen and mom, Stasia, are on one card and have it half-way filled up; Carter and Dad are cruising at half-a-card as well. Recess, hockey and housecleaning sure add up quickly! Keep moving, keep converting your activity into miles walked, and let's get to Florida soon! Be well, do good, go green Barton!

~ Wellness Council

Mega Mileage Program Coming Soon
Monday, December 14, 2009 7:30 AM

The Mega Mileage Program is coming soon. Let’s see how active our community can be! Starting in January, 2010, every Barton student, family and staff member will be able to track their daily physical activity - walking the dog, running around the block, sports and active games, vacuuming, shoveling, etc. - and have it count toward two Barton goals: Increasing physical activity and reducing carbon-emissions in our community. It’s like PALA, but for its everyone, every day of the year, and with a carbon-savings twist!

When we return from Winter Break, all Barton families and staff members will get a kickoff kit, complete with Mega Mileage Program Instructions, Activity/Mileage Equivalency Guide and a starting set of Mileage Cards. Participants will simply tally their physical activity on a Mileage Card at home and turned it in to school when filled up. Replacement cards, guides and instructions can be picked up at school or found on the Barton website.

All turned in Mileage Cards will totaled up weekly to see how far our Barton community is walking. We’ll chart our “Miles Walked” on a US Map for all to see. Can we get to Chicago in a week? To Florida by February (Ahhh, warm!), around the world (and back!) by June? Our total “Miles Walked” will be converted into carbon savings to see how much we reduce carbon emissions when we use our bodies more and our machines less. Just think, 15 minutes of shoveling = 1 “Mile Walked”. 14 minutes of hockey or basketball = 1 “Mile Walked”. 12 minutes of walking up stairs = 1 “Mile Walked”. How many “Miles Walked” have you done today? Tomorrow? Next week? Let’s see how far we can go!