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Monday, May 12, 2014 8:00 AM

Greetings and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

It seems like forever since I have sent a newsletter!

We are entering the week of "10 Hour Projects". We will be presenting projects all week (plus Monday and Friday of the following week...we are swimming Tues.-Thurs. May 20-22) The kids signed up for these presentation a while ago and they are FINALLY here! I'm excited to learn something new!! I love this week (and Monday and Friday of the following week)!

We are in the middle of Lit. Circle groups. The theme is "Kids that do Extraordinary Things". The group seems to be enjoying them and working very hard.

In History we are approaching the Revolutionary War. We will kick this off sometime this week with a "tug of war" to represent the colonists vs. the British! It's a fun activity and the kids really understand how we finally won this war!

Barton is expanding next year! We will have 3 full day Kindergarten classrooms! This means that our room (106) will be moving downstairs to room 8A. I am excited to be moving back downstairs!! The district will be remodeling this space for us this summer! If anyone has some good "moving boxes" I would LOVE them! I'd like to start organizing (and tossing) stuff within the next few weeks!

Upcoming dates...
May 20-22-Swimming at the YMCA
May 29-Flory's/Uppers (and some Middles) play "MacBeth" more info. coming
June 5-Lake Day/Portfolio Share in the morning
June 6-ValleyFair (last day)

**We are planning to do our annual Middles Bike Day. We ride our bikes to Lake Nokomis for a day of fun/picnic. The district has now mandated that if we are near a body of water we need a licensed life guard with us. I think we have a lead on one. If you are a licensed life guard or know of one who would hang with up for a day, please let me know ASAP. We are planning on having Bike day either May 30, or sometime that first week in June. We usually have 2 dates and see which date is better with Mother Nature!

Thanks for sharing your kids with me!