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News and Notes - Jan 29, 2010

The week that was included our own studies of the Ojibwe culture in MN.  The class learned that oral tradition was just as important to the Ojibwe as the Dakota and read a few stories a grandmother told her family to help them learn about things such as the Windigoo and making maple sugar.  They also had the chance to use their own storytelling skills by sharing the Dakota tales they'd learned with classmates in 204 and our little buddies in 102.  Ask what "boozoo" means.

Word Work connected to the study of the Ojibwe.

Reading is connected to our Civil Rights Inquiry groups with both fiction and non-fiction text.  I assigned one hour of homework reading this weekend as our extra activities cut down on our in class reading time this week.  (This homework reading is their novel.)

I started a new read-aloud novel in class this week also.  It is "The Yggysey" by Daniel Pinkwater.  He also does serialized novels on-line. You may enjoy reading his current "Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl" with your child through his website.  He's quite a humorist and often a commentator on public radio.  Here is the address:

We worked with Aki (our Book Arts artist-in-residence) for one session to begin the "containers" for the continuing study of contemporary art that we've embarked upon.

Many thanks to the adults who joined us in learning about contemporary art today at the Walker.  I appreciate your time.

The week to come:

Work Work will connect to a science unit again this week.  We are starting the study of Levers and Pulleys and need to learn vocabulary to help in our work with this.  My U of M practicum students will be helping the kids explore the workings of levers on Tues. - Thur.

The Civil Rights Inquiry groups will continue their projects with in-class research time.

We'll take a one week break from MN history.


2/4  Barton Family Roller Skating party

2/8  Mixed Blood Africans in America production (at school)

2/11  YPC  "But My Soul is Rested" field trip

2/14  MN Family stories homework due

2/16  VocalEssence/Sweet Honey in the Rock Ordway Field trip

All of my conference times for the upcoming week are filled - if you still need to make arrangements with me for a time I will send home a list of other available dates and times.

Have a wonder-filled weekend - the full moon should help with that.  Did you know it's as close as it comes to earth this round?  That's why it will look so big.



Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science."

 - Albert Einstein