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News and Notes Email - Oct 15, 2009


The week that was:

Reading: Completion of projects for Dog books - groups will share their work with me next week.

Science: Observation of terrariums - including the mold growing in them where it's not supposed to be. Corn, radish, barley, peas, and clover in pretty good shape. WI fast plants are in varying states of life cycle - including dead when kids did not heed advice to water regularly. Hopefully we'll get some all the way to creating their own seeds for reproduction purposes.

Swimming - Three fun days at the YMCA - the new remodel is greatly appreciated. They now have a diving board and little climbing wall in the water for added fun.

 FIRST HOMEWORK PROJECT SENT HOME: Yesterday I sent the first homework project packet of the year. It connects to our work with Environments and environmental factors. Please be sure you receive and read over the sheets to start planning together how to accomplish this task. We will share projects the 5 days preceding the Thanksgiving holiday, so the calendar included suggests a timeline. In order to get everyone off to a timely start each child should report their topic to me by Tuesday, 10/20. Since I noticed several packets lying in places they should not have been at the end of the day yesterday I am pretty sure some of you will not find this in your child's backpack. In that event please look on our 204 website where the packet will also be posted. (You'll also find photos of our bee guys visit and the Paddle boat trip - thanks to our wonder-web gal Ruby.)

The week to come:


There will be lots of class/team discussion regarding the upcoming trip to Wolf Ridge. PLEASE BE SURE THE PERMISSION SLIP PACKET COMES IN BY MONDAY, 10/19 AT THE LATEST. We have lots of paperwork for Wolf Ridge and the District Offices so we need to know exactly who is going - or not going - with reasonable lead time. (click here to view the Wolf Ridge menu for the days we are going)

There will be a meeting for chaperones on Thursday night, 10/22 in my room following the Barton Leadership Council meeting at 6:45. We need to sign papers for Wolf Ridge and the District and to go over
responsibilities for day and evening activities. 30 minutes should suffice.

Word Work will connect to the upcoming trip to Wolf Ridge. I am noticing that few kids are checking their Word Work at home with an adult on Wed. - there are too many errors for that. I'd really appreciate the ritual of you taking 5 - 10 minutes on Wed. evenings to check over the Word Work for the week with your child before they turn it in on Thursday to help with spelling accuracy errors or sentence syntax whenever possible. That way you see their work each week - and they get the added boost of your expertise.

Science: We have three investigations with isopods and beetles to explore how moisture and light affect their behavior. This helps kids learn about environmental preferences for specific organisms.

Reading: Monday we will begin new books for the purpose of author study. Each child will read a minimum of two books by the same author for comparison purposes. I have plenty of choices, but if your child has a favorite author and would like to extend what they've already read by that author they may bring in something of their own. My caveat is that both titles should be new books to them - or a book that was read aloud to them, but several years ago, and they look forward to reading again independently.

Oct. 26-28 Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center Middles Team Camping trip
Nov. 17 Environments Homework Project due

Enjoy a wonder-filled weekend - hopefully a little more warmth too.


Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

 "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."
- Albert Einstein