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News and Notes 10-14-11
Thursday, October 27, 2011 10:00 AM


Another busy week in 204 . . . another exhausted teacher on Friday afternoon.

The week that was:

Reading:  We started reading "Trudy", a book about changes in life involving friendships, family, and illness.  Please ask your child what's been happening in the story and any connections they can make to people or situations in their own life.  (This is the book by the author coming to visit on the 28th.)

Word Work:  I connected our October National Geographic Explorer Magazine with studying about prefixes, suffixes, and a couple of spelling rules. We also practiced a new way of taking notes.  Ask about the interesting things your child learned about spiders, cactus, and extreme environments while reading their sections this week.

Science:  We continued to observe and measure the terrarium growth daily.  Seed pods are developing on a few of our fast plants.  We observed isopods and darkling beetles to discover their environmental preferences as regarding moisture, light and dark.

We also had observations of everyone's head for lice this week - it's a bit of a nuisance here at school.  Please check again at home to be sure we can stop the spread.

We helped our little buddies "research" animals from the MN Zoo for their upcoming field trip.

The week to come:

Since it is only two days we will not have Word Work as usual.  I am going to be doing some grammar and word usage lessons, we will read "Trudy", we will start a new plant experiment, and we'll finish up a couple of project we've been waiting for the computer lab to free up in order to do.

I will see many of you on Wed. for goal setting conferences.

Please be sure your child has their swimming permission slip in by Tuesday at the latest.  I will attach it to this email in case you need to print it out at home.

I hope your child has honed on in their homework project research project.  They should get serious about researching very soon.  In media they learned how to approach this task already this year.  I also attached the homework task sheet previously sent home in case yours is lost.


10/17: Picture day - Forms came home previously

Swimming week - 10/24  (permission slips came home this week)

10/25  Uppers and Middles to Ordway

10/28  "Trudy" author visit to Barton

11/15  Environments Homework project should be complete

11/22  204 Annual Thanksgiving Feast :)

Enjoy another wonder-filled weekend with your fabulous child.

Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is
the source of all true art and science."
 - Albert Einstein