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News and Notes 12-02-11
Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:20 PM


Greetings Families,

The week that was:

Word Work:  This week the vocabulary and work related to the Nov./Dec. issue of the National Geographic Magazine.  They learned about how ears work - in themselves and other animals, about the amazing adventures of the first explorers trying to reach the South Pole, and about a woman who considers her self an "extreme" scientist.  Please ask your child about what they remember about the working of their inner ear, who Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen were - and what ultimately happened to them, and about amazing discoveries in Madagascar.  They also had the opportunity to make their own compass by magnetizing a pin.  Ask about how they did this - and what they learned.

Reading:  We are in the midst of an author study.  This week they started one book by an author of their choice and will follow this by reading another book by the same author.  Ultimately this will result in a piece of work analyzing the work of that particular author.


Science:  A special THANK YOU to Julie Yares for making the run to get reverse osmosis water for the classroom so we could try our fish tanks again.  Thankfully, we seem to have found success with this water - our fish are staying alive.  We also set up brine shrimp "hatcheries" with differing amounts of salt to try and determine the range of tolerance for this critter.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to be hatching at all for us.  We'll continue our observations and try to get new eggs to hatch if necessary.  Ask  your child to share the  "elevator" speech he or she prepared about  issues with water and salinity in Mono Lake, CA.  


Writing:  We began writing poetry to accompany some of the photographs taken while on our Photo Safaris before break.  The class also read poetry by John Caddy and prepared a poem to read aloud to others from his works.  


Today Jay came, sang a bit with them, and told a story including a surprising turn of events connected to a harmonica.  Ask your child about the story and about how their acting group formulated and shared their interpretation of the story.


The week to come:


Word Work:  This week we start our study of MN.  The words will connect to our great state.


Writing:  Continued writing of poetry to connect to our photographs.


Science:  Continued observations of our critters.


Social Studies:  The kick-off to studies of MN that will continue throughout the remainder of the year.


We have options classes on Wed. (And Lee Fabel will be the reserve teacher that day as I have a meeting at the Science Museum again.)


Thursday we will do a project with our Buddy room.


Please remember we are in the process of trying to collect our classroom Money for African relief.  If you can help your child remember to share a bit of their own funds it would be much appreciated.


Also - I have a nice little brownish pottery bowl and a bamboo slotted spatula left-over from the feast before Thanksgiving - please claim.




Dec. 16: Trip to MN History center (I can still use additional chaperones.)

Dec. 23:  Middles Roller Skating trip


Have a wonder-filled weekend.


The following is a message from Michael (our media teacher):


As part of your child’s Media Center rotation these next two weeks, fifth graders will be given access to their school email account. Six graders received them last year.


Each student in the district is provided with her or his own individual username, password and email account. This account is primarily to be used for schoolwork, especially as your child moves through the upper grades, though a few personal emails are fine. 


We tell the students that teachers and parents/guardians have access to the account at any time.


The email address is your child’s school username followed by, so it will look something like this:


The password is your child’s initials, followed by the two-digit month and day of birth.


For example, for student Jane Doe, born on February 7th, the password would be jd0207.


In media class, we discuss Internet safety and cyberbullying, but now would be a good time to go over these important issues at home, as well.


Below are links to a few resources that might be valuable: -- A great resource with links to a variety of sites that address common Internet issues – cyberbullying, sharing too much personal information, meeting strangers online and more. -- A lot of good tips and advice from the well respected National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. -- the American Library Association’s internet safety page, with a long list of useful links.


If you have any questions about your child’s school email account, feel free to email Michael Cowan, Barton’s Media Specialist, at

Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is
the source of all true art and science."
 - Albert Einstein