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News and Notes 9-30-11
Sunday, October 2, 2011 8:50 PM

Greetings Families,

The week that was:

Reading:  Working on timing number of pages read each day so that we can take a look at reading rates/ attention to the task/ etc.  The kids also marked spots they'd like to read aloud in their books along with recording "thoughts" they were having each day about the reading.

Science:  We planted terrariums with corn, peas, barley, clover, and radish.  Things have begun to sprout already.  The task here is to study environmental factors with these organisms.  The Wisconsin Fast Plants are coming along as well.  We are up to "true leaves" and I predict some buds and maybe even flowers next week.  Each day the class records observations and changes.  This week all of our caterpillars made it to chrysalis as well.  We love observing these beautiful creations.  

Writing:  In honor of the caterpillars and their changes the nature journal poetry for this week surrounded milkweed pods and/or the chrysalis stage.  We practiced rules for correct capital letter placement also.

Word Work:  The vocabulary connected to the cute little penguins we saw at the zoo today.  Ask your child something he/she learned about penguins this week.

Today was a glorious day for a trip to the zoo.  Ask about the class "Bare Necessities" that we attended - specifically about environmental factors in the ocean and the desert.  We also enjoyed the monkeys, the penguins, the dolphin training show,  and in small groups explored some of the other trails at the zoo as well.  Many thanks to the chaperones who shared their time with us today.

The week to come:

Word Work:  The words and vocabulary will connect to our continued study of environments.

Reading:  One last week with the "Other People's Favorites" books.

Science:  Next week we add bugs and beetles to the mix and investigate how they respond to moisture and light.  This will help kids determine where - or if - they would be happy placed in the terrariums with their plants. 

Writing:  Continued Morning Earth poetry

If you are looking for a little family fun (i.e. a science experiment to try together) this weekend please check out this site:

There Robert Krampf (a.k.a. the happy scientist) has a cool experiment to form geodes at home in egg shells.  It's quite easy and the materials are not difficult to find.

Enjoy a wonder-filled weekend!


Week of Oct. 24: Swimming at YMCA

Oct. 25:  Ordway program for the Middles and Uppers

Oct. 28:  Author visit to Barton for the Middles

Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is
the source of all true art and science."
 - Albert Einstein