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News and Notes Email - Jan 15, 2010


The week that was:

Reading:  We finished "The $66 Summer" and had a fabulous visit with the author John Armistead.  He was very impressed with the depth and breadth of the Barton Middles kids conversation and questions with him.  Please talk to your child about the theme of the book, what they felt they learned from the book, and the author visit.

Word Work:  Dakota Heritage in MN - they made a fabulous collection of parfleches - ask about what this is and what precious belonging they would keep in theirs.

MN History:  We learned about early Dakota life in MN.  I also handed out a new HOMEWORK project to connect to MN History work today.  It is about connecting a family story of your own to MN. It's due on the first school day after Valentine's day.  I set this date as a target due date because I knew we could all remember it.  In addition I sent home a "coffee table" book about MN history for your family to enjoy and learn from together.  I am hoping you'll take time over the next few months to explore it and enjoy learning about our great state through this beautiful resource at your leisure.  The book may stay at your home as long as you like.  It's "due" back by the end of the year.

We enjoyed the Physics Circus at the U of M on Tuesday.  See the note from the Physics Guys at the end of this e-mail for additional information.

The week to come:

The latest conference schedule is attached.  Please check it over and let me know if changes need to be made.  Friday is totally set aside for this purpose, and I still have time available on this day.

Reading:  We will start new books centering again (like "The $66 Summer") on civil rights issues.  This time the class will be using fiction and non-fiction together to gain a deeper understanding of our country's history with this issue.  We'll be using a commemorative stamp set from 2005 to focus on particularly important events in Am. History.

Work Work will be on hiatus again due to only three days of school - this will fortunately give us time to finally finish up the "publishable" version of the memoir stories we started back in November.

MN History:  Your child is responsible for learning a Dakota tale to tell by heart.  It needn't be memorized word for word (I gave out copies of several stories they could choose from), but they should focus on the correct story elements, the important details, sequencing, and the "lesson" coming through their work.  Please take time to practice with them at home.  We'll be doing this in class on both Wed. and Thur. most


1/29  Walker Art Center trip

I still have free tickets for the Science Museum on the evening of 1/28 for anyone interested.

Here's the web address sent on by the Physics Force Guys:  (video clips and demonstrations)

Have a wonder-filled weekend.


Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It isthe source of all true art and science."
 - Albert Einstein