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Newsletter and Homework 1/21/2014
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 7:20 AM

Dear Families,

It was amazing to see all of the projects shared individually last week, and then all together at our light fair!  Thanks for empowering your student to choose their own learning and share it in his or her own way.  This project was dependent on parent support, and it was wonderful to see all of you connect with your child’s learning in this way.  Now it’s time to let our lights shine in a new way!

Timelines and Skylines

Our new unit of study, Timelines and Skylines, will explore the story of our city.  We will be geologists, geographers, historians and biographers as we focus on these key questions:

*What was our city like long ago?

*What makes our city special?

*What is our place in our community?

We’ll begin with a look at the unique terrain of our state.  Just think!  Our state was once covered in a giant blanket of ice and snow. I hope you will notice lots of great vocabulary about glaciers, terrain, and land formation creeping into your child’s conversation.  We have lots of learning to do- if you have expertise you would like to share, please let me know.


Thanks to everyone who has supported out Fresh Fruit and Vegetable snack program.  So far we have had cantaloupe, carrots, pears and jicama.  Each child is smelling and tasting the food, with a little nibble the requirement.  I am already noticing that our picky eaters are speaking respectfully about the food, tasting it, and expecting that in time, they will learn to enjoy more things.  This week we will be collecting data about each food and making graphs to compare our favorites.  We have less than $200 to raise to pay for the program for the rest of the year.  If you haven’t had a chance to contribute yet, please pop a check into your child’s BEE book, and write FFVP on the memo.

Field Trip!

We are going to see The Hungry Caterpillar at Children’s Theater.  Thanks to a grant from Target, every first and second grader at Barton is attending at no charge.  Look for the permission slip in your Bee Book!


Barton 101

Your leadership council is sponsoring a Barton 101 event on Tuesday, Jan. 28, from 6:30-8:00.  If you have wondered why we do what we do at Barton, come find out!  

Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words























Homework Ideas



*Read  a just-right book.

*Find some facts about glaciers and share them at school.

*Do your own thing.

*Play in the snow- think about what it was like to have a glacier cover this neighborhood!

*Draw a pic of glacier, label the different parts using your spelling list and other words.

*Make a timeline of your evening

*Look at the landforms in your neighborhood.  What do you notice?  (for example, creeks, fields, hills, etc.)

*Start collecting data from your block.  Step on- count all of the trees on your block.

*Try some new fresh fruits and vegetables at home.  

*Find and sign the permission slip for The Hungry Caterpillar.

*Make your spelling words look like they are made of ice.