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Newsletter and Homework 1/29/2014
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:25 PM

Dear Families,

What a crazy weather year!  Remember the “thundersnow” last winter?  And the “heat days” in the fall?  We are making history right now, and all of our students are part of it.  This would be a great time to collect some articles or news stories, write poems, make a video, take pictures etc. of the year it was so, so cold.  History just seems like real life while you are living it.  And it can be pretty inconvenient.

Last Week

We had a great time learning about glaciers and how they created Minnesota’s terrain.  There were volcanoes in Minnesota, and wooly mammoths running around!  Minnesota was covered in a shallow sea, which froze during a big old cold snap.  Way too easy to imagine this winter!

This Week

We will continue to explore the map of Minnesota as we learn about the first people to live in Minnesota.  This is a wonderful time for story telling.  We’ll begin with The Legend of the Lady Slipper, beautifully retold by a Minnesota author.  

In Math

We will be measuring solids, liquids, volume, area and perimeter as we explore two and three dimensional shapes.  We’ll make our own playdough and change the terrain of our own maps of Minnesota.  We’ll use the map project as context for some exploration of numbers about Minnesota.


We have been enjoying delicious fresh fruits and veggies every day!  We are busy graphing which we like best.  Several students have been surprised how much they like!

Friday Field Trips

The new district policy regarding field trips requires specific notification for all walking field trips, which means that we have to be proactive and plan in advance.  We have devised a list of “Friday Field Trips” that will help us get to know our neighborhood and explore its history and geography.  Look for the Friday Field Trip permission slip in your BEE book and sign, please.  Of course, there will be no cost.  

Alfie Kohn

Are you interested in seeing Open School Guru Alfie Kohn on Feb 20, at Macalester?  If we get 25 people, we can get a bus from Barton.  So far, I have heard from 11.  Let me know if you are “in.”



Thanks!  Kristin


Spelling Words


















lady slipper



Homework Ideas


*HAVE TO HOMEWORK-Matt and Zoey  are going to help the classes write a song about Minnesota.  The first part will be about glaciers.  Think of some answers to the question, “What does a glacier do?”  and be ready to share with the class.

*Practice your spelling words by writing in the snow with a stick or colored water in a squirt bottle.  If you have frosty windows, stay in side and write them with your finger.

*Collect some data.  How many buildings are on your block. What kind are they?  Make a graph.

*Collect examples of solid geometrical shape.  Look for cones, cylinders, cubes, rectangular prisms, pyrimads and spheres. Draw them, take a photo, or bring the object to school.

*look up facts about the first Minnesotans.  Look for Anishinabe and Dakota people.  

*Practice math facts with the worksheets attached, or write your own story problems.

*Read just right books, or books for pleasure.

*Sign your Friday field trip permission slip.

*Bring an empty Kleenex box to school.  We will use it for a Valentine’s box.

*Do your own thing.

*Make a family time capsule to commemorate our historic cold days!