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November 3, 2014
Monday, November 3, 2014 10:55 AM

October flew by quickly! We’ve been very busy finishing up our rock unit, writing stories, reading with our book groups and working with our Big Buddies!

          As a whole group we shared a book about careers. Each student wrote and illustrated a page about the career they may want to have someday. The work is assembled into a class book and has been shared under the document camera. It was fun to see the wide variety of careers students hope to have one day!

          Every student has also participated in small group reading groups. Many students also listened to stories I told about the short vowel sounds. To summarize: a- a worm coming out of an apple, e- Mr. Ed, I- Icky socks in igloo, o- octopus for dinner, u- umbrella with robber. Other students were reading The Mystery Spy Diary with a volunteer as this was going on in the classroom. Other groups read a variety of books during guided reading throughout the week too! I am purchasing theme notebooks for the reading groups this week. It hit me that I never did request them as a donation, it was also brought to my attention throughout conferences that some of you may be willing (and prefer) to contribute to a classroom slush fund from which I can draw from for things like notebooks, portfolio celebrations and other various classroom needs. If you would like to pitch in, that would be great- please send money with your child and I will set it aside for expenses that arise. We will also be choosing names for our reading groups this week.

          In math the first graders have been practicing counting forwards and backwards from a variety of numbers in the range from 1-120. They are also practicing with number combinations with combinations up to 12. Second graders finished up unit 1, Number Sense. We shared many strategies for adding numbers such as the 100’s chart and number line as numbers were broken down into parts of tens and ones. We also played games in which we practiced adding numbers like as 20, 50 and 32 to complete a BINGO type board. We also shared subtraction strategies. That is the direction I will be taking with this group. Classroom 120 has also been practicing counting forward and backward by 10 from a given number. I have been scribing the numbers as we do a “whip” across and up the risers. The children have been sharing the patterns they notice in the numbers as they’re written in column fashion. It’s amazing the way they can explain it to each other in a special language that allows some to gain deeper understanding!

          We will switch to Science for our specialist this Wednesday, November 5th.

          Wednesday, November 12 is the Barton Wild Rumpus Book Fair from 12-8 p.m. Wild Rumpus is located at 2720 West 43rd St. Minneapolis. There will be a lot of fun happening, books, treats and musical entertainment!

          Thursday, November 13 is Picture retake day. Send in pictures packets to be retaken with your child if you would like retakes to be done.