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Online Learning

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Switching over to google classroom, friends.  Please enroll ASAP.  From now on I will be posting daily challenges on our google classroom.  Email Tracey for our class code.  If you are in Shoshi's class, email Shoshi for her class code.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Science challenge of the day:

1. Take a look at some of the amazing rock cycles created by your classmates for yesterday's science challenge.  You will find a slideshow below and also 2 student made videos.  You guys ROCK!

2. In our CHANGING EARTH unit, we’ve learned about so many different ways that the surface of the Earth changes over time.  To begin today’s challenge, load the webpage, read the text, look at the images, and watch the excellent short videos that are embedded.  These videos will help you think about slow vs. fast changes.

As you saw by using the website above, sometimes Earth’s surface changes slowly, sometimes it changes quickly.  The list below has 24 different surface changes.  Some of these happen very quickly (minutes/hours/days), some take much longer amounts of time (hundreds/thousands of years or more).  

For today’s science challenge, create something that shows fast vs. slow changes to Earth’s surface. Include as many of the examples below as you can.  Not sure what something on the list means?  Look it up! Find pictures or a short video to learn more.  You can also include things that aren’t on the list below.  To show your work, you could make a slide show, a game, a graphic organizer, a collage, an advertisement, Cornell notes, or another great idea of your own.  Be creative! I’ll be excited to see your work.


Surface Changes

1.     Deflation

2.     Abrasion

3.     Weathering

4.     Delta

5.     Stalagmite

6.     Flood plain

7.     Landslide

8.     Mudslide

9.     Decomposition

10.  Mudflow

11.  Till

12.  Moraine

13.  Kettle lake

14.  Stalactite

15.  Dunes

16.  Sinkhole

17.  Cave

18.  Fumarole

19.  Iceberg

20.  Loess


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Science challenge of the day:

1. Watch this 4-minute video to take a look at the rock cycle (we started to investigate this on Monday in class)

2. Create your own version of the rock cycle and email it (or a picture) to Tracey - I will post some of your work here to share it with our class.  You can be really creative and have some fun with this.  Make your own rock cycle diagram, build a model with things you have at home, write a poem, record a short video, or try another crazy cool idea of your own.  

PLEASE check the portal today.  I will be updating all of the work sent to me by email and turned in yesterday.  If you did not get quiz 8 back, please email me your cell phone number and we can schedule a time to do the redo by phone.  

Email is always the best way to contact Tracey:

Rock Cycles

Day one of online learning = poems, movie making, creating diagrams, a quiz/answer key, modeling with materials found in the kitchen, and more!  I am so impressed by your work.  Check out some of the rock cycles made by your classmates (sorry - I couldn't post all of them).

video The Rock Cycle   --  Watch Sylvia go through the rock cycle in this great video.
quicktime Rock Cycle   --  Rock Cycle by Lucia