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Plant Sale 2012 Thanks!
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 12:10 AM

A huge thanks to the many students, staff, parents, family and community members who played a part in helping us have another very successful Plant Sale fundraiser for Barton Open School. We want to acknowledge the special coordinators’ roles as well as the myriad of volunteers at all levels who make this event happen. Our deepest thanks to: Felicity Miel Crosby – School Coordinator, and her room 216 students; Kate Mandler – Parent Coordinator (who oversees and does all of the following: collecting and tabulating orders, deposits, data entry, phone calls, troubleshooting, alphabetizing, and volunteers (except plant pick up day volunteers coordinated by Julie Glass- Yares). In addition, Judy Schwob and Julia Paulsen Mullin co-coordinated and were involved in the areas described above.

  • Tabulators: Sarah Wuendry, Angie Gustafson, Sarah Streitz, Karla Hill-Donisch, Kim Callahan, Julie Madge, Ann Godfrey, Elinor Balbach, Jean Anderson, Tracy Deutsch, Mary Parker. Data Entry: Susan McKinnel, Julia Mull and Kris Mandler.
  • Phone callers: Rebecca Shaw, Julie Madge, Judy Schwob, and Brenda Johnson.
  • Alphabetizing: Karla Hill- Donisch.
  • Nursery liaisons: Steve Tjeltveit and Laura Morrill.
  • Updating plant tallying software: Kevin Kinneavy.
  • Design and updating of plant sale form, logo and web design; also rain barrel coordinator: Brenda Johnson.
  • Rain Barrels: Special thanks to Tom Thompson at Guse Hardware for his generous assistance with the rain barrels.
  • Same day sales coordinator: Katherine Harter, and Plant day volunteer coordinator: Julie Glass- Yares.
  • Plant pick-up day volunteers: includes many students unloading the trucks and many students and family members helping our customers pick up their plants. Thanks to: Anya and Ethan Healy, Olivia Leighton, Nia Steinhagen, Mindy and Myranda Sloo, John Sauer, all the after school Uppers, Laura Morille, Andrea Breen, Arwen Wilder, Nancy and Emma Powell, Jane Hamilton, Sophie and Holly O’Keane, Jackie Haviland, Quantina Jones, Katey Leck, Anya and Zoe Christenson, Laura Johansson, Jody King, Anne and Nicki Saari, Ali Naughton, Julie Madge, Kathleen Kuntz, Jodi Jorgenson, Jake Roth, Shannon Plourde, Sarah Wuendry, Jenny Sponberg, Ann Godfrey, Deborah Savran, Lara Roy, Betsy Walts, Sarah Lahm, Roberta Gibbon, Heidi Rich, Suzanne Dresdner, Kristi Smith Knutson, Brenda Butler, Dee and Isabella McQuerry, Deny Plourde, Kammy and Zander Lyon, Brenda Zehnder, Kim Rafferty-Lawrence and Anna Lawrence, Sari Rosenfield, Marc Ireland, Jennifer and Bella Bennett, Gavin and Chloe Yares, Elizabeth Christensen, Paul, Janelle and Anna Wegner, Jen Markworth, Douglas Gordon, Jennifer Johnson, Julie Fulton, Katherine Harter, Corey and Griffin Lahm, Emma and Spencer’s Grandma, Paige and Audrey’s Grandma, Emma Knutson, Engineers Dave Eskew & Rick Sandin, Daniel Steinle, Selene Posey, Aisha Ali, Maggie Kolcinski, Karl Janczak, August Soderberg, Louisa and Margaret Mullin, Ed Fulton, CiCi Blanchette, Liam McQuade, Hayden Weltman, Kalid Ali, Nina Brennecke, Hannah Kolcinski, Matt Parker, Eliazbeth Koetz, Sophie Peterson, Amelia Richter, Daisy Forester, Lydia Ruppert, Ellie McKinney, Lily Endo, Wyatt Gustafson, Simone Blanchette, Kirra Tjeltveit, Billie Forester, Payton Mulvehill, Jenna Fulton, Sam Olson, Waverly Howard, Samira Mohamed, Klara Foss, Maddie Glynn, Sophie O’Keane, Malachy Rosen and Phoebe Olson.

Even with a list of volunteers this long, we know we have inadvertently omitted names. Please know our community is grateful for everyone’s participation in making this year’s Plant Sale a success. Thank you!!