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Room 216 News--12/12
Friday, December 12, 2014 12:10 PM

Room 216 Classroom News & Notes

As we approach winter break I have been reflecting on how this great class of 3rd and 4th grades have been doing after an unsettling start to their school year.  I think we have found some great routines and I am continuing to encourage each student to do their best as we settle in.  We have been able to work together, as a class, to continue to make this a healthy learning environment for your students!

Art Institute:
We will be attending the Art Institute as a class fieldtrip on December 18th.  Permission slips were sent home; please send them back with your students as soon as possible so they may attend! 

In the Classroom:
Math: Students are working on estimating sums and products, taking apart numbers and doing operations with larger numbers.  Students are doing a great job of learning new strategies and putting them into practice.   Students have also learned some new games and songs to help them remember their multiplication facts for x3 and x4.  Ask your student if they remember the 4’s song or 3’s chant! 

Reading: This week we have been exploring non-fiction text as we read a variety of books about Antarctica.  Students have been practicing finding supporting details using text, images and specific words as they read. 

Writing: This week we have started going through the writing process.  As we go through the process, students are practicing using it by writing a “How To” paper. 
Monday is our first day of Gym, we will have Gym specialist until January 12th.  Please make sure your student has tennis shoes at school to use during that time. 

Spelling:  All students will write their spelling words and bring them home to practice.  Tests are on Thursday each week.   

Reading:  Each night students should be reading 30 minutes. 

Math: Starting in January, after winter break, students will receive “Wednesday Math” homework.  Each Wednesday students will bring home 10 math problems to do and return by the following Wednesday.  Students will receive problems that are at their level and will benefit their learning in the classroom.  This will be a great practice for all students.  Students will understand that they have a whole week to do their 10 problems, and we will brainstorm as a class how they can plan their time in order to get their work done, while still enjoying activities outside of the classroom. 

Lauren Miller

Dates to Remember
December 14 – Gym Specialist Starts
December 18 – Art Institute Field Trip – Form due in order to attend (off Campus)
December 19 – Popcorn!
December 20- January 4 – No School (Winter Break)
January 9- All School Morning Meeting
January 15- Portfolio Share (7:30-8:30)
January 16- No School
January 23- Popcorn