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Room 216 News...4/20/15
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 1:00 PM

Room 216 Classroom News

Artist Study Celebration:
Put this date on your calendar: Thursday, April 23.  We will be celebrating our work during our latest Literacy Unit, our Artist Study!  This will be an evening event from 6-7pm.  Students will be sharing their research and the process on the artist they chose.  This will be done in a museum format, so families are encouraged to spend the entire hour visiting many different displays.  This gives each student the opportunity to present multiple times.  Our sharing is a big event to wrap up a huge project that the students have been putting much time and effort into.  It is strongly encouraged that your family do the best you can to have your student present for this celebration of learning! 

This will be 216’s spring sharing of work.  In the fall we had the Portfolio Sharing in December, this spring we had our Amaryllis Sharing and now our Artist Study Sharing.  As of right now, this is the final sharing of work that we have on the calendar for this school year. 

REMINDER: MATH MCA’s are next Thursday and Friday (April 23rd and 24th)

Camping Information
Please send the MPS District Form back regarding any health needs your student may have as soon as possible!  Also, if you are willing and able to assist in anyway on our trip, please send in the interest form so Mark and I can start putting together a more concrete list of needs we still may have and a schedule of events.

Roller Skating Fieldtrip: Please send in permission forms ASAP, our trip will be May 1 to celebrate the end of our testing season!

Plant Sale:
Keep selling plants!  Our goal is to raise $4500 as a class.  Our most recent report for our classroom is we have raised over $1,300.  Remember, Monday, April 20th is the last day for online orders to be placed. 

In the Classroom This Week:
Math: As we are still working with our unit on fractions and we are starting on some algebra!  Students are using the hands on algebra manipulatives to see and visualize algebraic problems as the concept is introduced.         

The Great Amaryllis Race (Science): Students have spent some time reflecting on their projects this week.

Literacy: Students have been studying and spending much time learning about their artist as we prepare to present to you!

Gym: Students have been having a great time in Gym learning about sports and being active!  The students ended their rotation on Thursday with a mile run.

Read 30 minutes each evening.

Work on Artist Study homework pieces: students should be creating a piece of art that resembles a piece that their artist has created.  This is due on Wednesday: April 22nd.

Math – Students will be participating in a big math game in our classroom on Tuesday, April 21st to review much of what we have learned this year.  They have a packet of questions that they brought home.  Encourage them to review those questions!

Classroom Needs:
- Volunteers willing to work with students on their artist project – editing, reading, organizing information, etc. (timing will very as we juggle our April schedule, so let me know if you are willing and able and I will get you the exact times as we go.  Typically it will be 8:30-10:10am or 12:30-1:45pm)
- We are in need of more volunteers for the last school wide popcorn day on May 8th.  Please let me know if you are able to come in and help any time between 7:30-11am.

Lauren Miller

Dates to Remember
April 20th – Music Rotation Starts!
April 23 & 24 – Math MCA 8-9:30am
April 23 – Artist Study Celebration 6pm-7pm
May 1 – All School Morning Meeting
May 1 – Roller Skating – permission slip sent home today
May 8 – Popcorn
May 12-15 – Swimming
May 20-22 – Camping Trip
May 29 – All School Morning Meeting
May 29 – Classroom Popcorn Celebration (1-2pm)
June 2 – Lake Day