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Room 8 Update ~4/15/16
Friday, April 15, 2016 11:15 PM


Happy 100th birthday from room 8 :) 


When students arrive on Monday morning, they need to bring their gear, all labeled with their names, to the blacktop/ basketball court off of 43rd  Street. They will place their things underneath our room number, which will be displayed on a big poster. (If it is raining, or yikes! snowing, all gear should come up to our classroom.)
After placing gear outside, students need to come up to our classroom. Please remember to bring either a sleeping bag or bedding.

Please do not pack any electronics or food, including candy. (Food is not allowed in cabins.) Digital cameras are allowed; otherwise it is a tech-free zone at camp.  Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. It can be sunny, raining or even snowing in April. Bring clothes for the weather, including really sturdy shoes or even boots. I'm wearing rain boots. We are outside for a large majority of the day. We want your child to be comfortable and able to be engaged. (It is a No Whining Zone.) Flashlights are good to bring. Students can bring card games, etc. that are easy to pack, along with a good book or sketchpad.

****If you are not coming as a chaperone, your child will give his or her medicine to me with directions and all labeled with his or her name. If you are coming as a chaperone, you will hold onto your child's meds.****

****There is a Camp St. Croix store. If students would like to buy a little momento, they need to bring an envelope with their name and the amount enclosed. I will keep the money with me, unless you are coming as a chaperone. It should not stay in cabins. See CSC website   -

Thank you! Have a great weekend.