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September 12, 2011
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 9:15 AM

Kristin’s Class Newsletter
Clara Barton Open School September 12, 2011 612-695-5410

Dear Families,
Our short week was as busy as an ant hill! We worked on our rules and read stories about the world’s most cooperative creatures, the ants. Ants always follow the rules and do their jobs for the good of the colony. Did you know that if an army ant leader takes the wrong path, it can lead the whole colony in circles, where they walk… until they die! Yow. I’m glad we’re not ants, and we can always get back to the right path.

Our Eggs Caterpillars
While we weren’t looking, our petrie dish full of eggy leaves turned into a dish full of hungry, teeny tiny caterpillars. They will need lots of milkweed during the next three weeks. If you have a patch near your home, please pluck a few leaves for the new babies. Watch the blog for updates!

Prairie Dogs
This week we’ll study the adorable prairie dog! Ants kiss to pass their food around, but prairie dogs kiss to say hello! Like ants, prairie dogs have special jobs in their community and build underground towns. Unlike ants, they are mammals and pretty good problem solvers. We’ll emphasize assertion as our social skill and develop a job chart for the class.

We had our first spelling test on Friday. Remember that our spelling/vocab test is all about seeing how we are coming along- not perfection! First grade beginning spellings should learn the six pattern words, and add more words as they are ready. I encourage everyone to take the whole test, and to sound out or draw words they don’t know. It’s so empowering! Don’t stress over the score. Daily practice with a reasonable number of helpful words is the best strategy.

Our learning target this week is: “I can take numbers apart and put them together.” There’s an activity in your BEE book “math tool box” that will help with home practice.

I am ready! Volunteer for literacy work in the mornings, or prep jobs any time. How about a Friday spelling test checker? Laundry parent, anyone?

The BEE Book
Kudos to all of you! Thanks for checking and returning the BEE book every day. It’s really working to keep us up-to-date and organized.

Thanks for your support! Kristin