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September 2011 book report


Part I: Write a rough draft

Complete a rough draft at home. Include all story elements (listed below); skip lines (editing and corrections are easier).

STORY ELEMENTS (three to six sentences for each element)

  • Character - who is the story about? Write about your main character. Describe his/her personality, physical features, age, gender, etc. Be brief, but use rich detail to help your reader picture the main character.
  • Setting - where and when does the story take place? Describe the location (city, country), dwelling (house, hut, castle), time (past, present, future). Help the reader picture the setting.
  • Plot - what is the story about (main idea)?  Describe what the story is mostly about. Give the overview here, not specific details.
  • Action - what are some important details?  Describe specific events or actions that are important to the story - write them in the order they occured in the story.
  • Solution - how does the story end?  In 3 or 4 sentences only, briefly describe the conclusion. This will be on the last page of your final draft, so don't worry about giving away the ending.

Part II. Write your final copy in your booklet (made at school)

Make this your best work - no mistakes. Use your best handwriting. Check to ensure you meet all FCAs. Ask someone at home to read it before you hand it in and suggest corrections if needed.

  • Cover page - book title, book author, "summarized by your name"
  • First lined page - write "Character" at the top, your final character copy in the middle, then "Page 1" at the bottom
  • Second lined page - write "setting" at the top, your final setting copy in the middle, then "Page 2" at the bottom
  • Third lined page - write "Plot" at the top, your final plot copy in the middle, then "Page 3" at the bottom
  • Fourth lined page - write "Action" at the top, your final action copy in the middle, then "Page 4" at the bottom
  • Fifth lined page - write "Solution" at the top, your final solution copy in the middle, then "Page 5" at the bottom.
  • Staple all pages together