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Simile Poem

Directions:  In Eve Merriam’s poem “Willow and Ginkgo” she compares two trees using a plethora of similes.  The lines sway back and forth describing the personality, characteristics, and style of each tree.  For example, in lines 5 through 8, “The willow’s music is like a soprano,/ Delicate and thin./ The ginkgo’s tune is like a chorus/ With everyone joining in.”

After reading, rereading, and analyzing Merriam’s poem, craft your own poem comparing two things.  Each comparison should be a simile.  In the end of the poem, you will explain your connection to each part you are writing about (as Merriam does when she says in lines 21 and 22, “My eyes feast upon the willow/, But my heart goes to the ginkgo.”)

High Heels and Rain Boots
By Hannah G.

High heels are like a quite percussion,
Keeping rhythm with the street.
Rain boots are like an old broken watch,
Ticking off to a sporadic beat.
High heels are as fragile as a teacup,
Teetering atop the shelf.
Rain boots are as sturdy as an oak tree,
Deeply rooted beneath your feet.

Heels are as elegant as a ballroom dance,
Rain boots as sloppy as finger paint,
High heels are as steep as a layered cake,
Rain boots as muddy as a brownie pan.

The heels are as precious as an orchid,
Blossoming, fragile, beautiful, and rare.
The heels glisten in the night,
Radiant and surprising like a sky full of stars.

The rain boots are there ready to go,
Like a great old friend you’ll always know,
Old and warn they’ll show you through,
Whenever you where them they’re just like new.

My eyes gaze at the high heels,
But my feet follow the rain boots.

War and Peace
By Cam T.

War is like a fire,
Burning through memory.
Peace is like a puzzle,
Confusing, tough to complete.
War is as dark as murder,
Killing every day.
Peace is like a dove,
Flying free, yet not leading the way.

War is like power,
Peace is like hope.
War is like destruction,
Peace is like the ability to cope.

War is like a nuisance,
Worse and worse with age.
Peace is like a lion,
Majestic but trapped in a cage.

Peace is like an old toy,
Left in the basement to rot,
It sits there crying softly’
Its throat tied up in a knot.

My mind forces me to war,
But my heart desires peace.