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Similmetapersonporcation Poems
POEM #10 similmetapersonphorcation poem
Love is                                             Hand-sewn Shield
My grandmother’s hand-sewn                          by Amber Damm
Patchwork quilt
Wrapped around my life
Like a shield of cotton
Whispering wisdom to
My heart.
metaphor: compares two things without using like or as
simile: compares two things using like or as
personification: gives nonhuman things human characteristics
Write your own similmetapersonphorcation poem in your notebook by blending metaphor, simile, and personification into one pithy and profound piece.
Aubrey D.
Dreams are
Pieces of driftwood
Always going with the waves
Like a wish on a dandelion seed
It can end up anywhere
Weaving an unbelievable story
It whispers only to me.
Meara Q-C.
A rollercoaster going up and down
All around,
Like a long song for all to sing along
Touching our souls to heal the sad
Night Sky
Owen W.
The night sky is a dark blue quilt
That crawls over the day like moss
On a rock
It blows a cool wind that calms
You to sleep.
Emma R.
Sadness is a pencil with no lead
Useless and dull like a black crayon on
Black paper
Hiding the beauty that lies beneath.
Sadie W.
Death is a derelict house
Empty and rotten like a carved pumpkin
Cackling with a haunting serene smile.
Gwenn M.
Grandpa is a world of
Wonder and wisdom,
Stuck strong to my heart
Like a paper and glue
Saying I love you.
Anna P.
Books are an escape plan
And when you’re ready
They will whisper into you ears
On your bedside table
Like money
Eager to be spent.
Julia S.
Happiness is
Reading a novel on my porch
With the sunshine seeping in
Like joy in my soul
Telling me it’s another
Gorgeous day.
Dominica A-L.
Life is
Monopoly with
The pawn dancing
Toward opportunity’s
Fate like a toss
Of a quarter with a
Fifty/fifty chance.
A Daisy
Bella B.
Love is
A Daisy
Singing with the sun,
A mother’s lullaby.
Nico B.
Fear is
The footsteps behind you at night
Lurking on the edge of your conscience
Like a nightmare in your slumber
Whispering words to your ear.
Wil K.
War is a hawk that speaks through its actions
Like a beggar on the street
Rising up,
Becoming a rich man.
Thomas H.
Mountains are my giant ancestors,
Timeless and ageless, they wait
Like giants of stone
Sitting patiently on the earth.