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Spelling in 209

209 Spelling


Today your child is bringing home his or her first spelling word sort!  The program we use is called Words Their Way.  Each child will have a spelling list tailored to his or her needs, which will come home every Friday.  At this point there will be no specific homework with regards to spelling.  The following are different activities that you may do to help support your child in their spelling growth as they practice at home.  These are activities that we will work on in class as well. 


-          Open Sort – students may sort the words any way they choose, and can either do it by cutting apart the words or just copy them onto paper.

-          Closed Sort – students can sort according to the headings at the top of the list, and can either do it by cutting apart the words or copying onto paper.

-          Pictures – students can choose words to draw a picture to represent that word.

-          Word Hunt – student can try to find their words (or words matching their spelling pattern) in books, magazines or any other text available to them. 

-          Sentences – students can write either silly (funny) or super (two or more spelling words in the same sentence) sentences to practice spelling their words.

-          Practice Test - when they are ready, they can find someone (relative, family friend, after school staff, etc.) to quiz them.


Every Thursday students will be given a spelling test at school.  After assessing the test I will give the next spelling word sort on Friday. 


Note: On every page of spelling word sorts the top row is typical the different sorting categories.  You may notice CV patterns.  This is consonant - vowel patterns that students should see in their words.  Or you may notice sound patterns such as ch and sh written.  The sounds indicate the focus of the word sort.  As we get started with the lists in class we will be doing a lot of work in recognizing these patterns and sorting. 


Thank you for supporting your child’s spelling growth!  If you have any questions please let me know. 


Lauren Miller