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Stepping into Art

From the December 2, 2009 Barton Bugle:

Stepping Inside Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Students in Room 209 used their powers of observation and imagination to describe the experience of stepping inside a piece of artwork, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Here are three examples of stepping inside:


Starry Night
In my room I sit looking at the stars, oh how I wish the wind would come down and lift me up and have me come and join their dance and play, and how I wish I could laugh and sail with the stars and sleep up there with them in the clouds and feel so free and gentle. And then, when the dawn did break, be placed back in my bed as if it were all a dream.
    -Amalia Zinky


Starry Night
A quiet night in the peaceful little town. It smells like rain said Vincent, with a cold shiver. The stars are bright on this dark night. I shiver as the cold wind blows. No one outside, all of them sleeping. The shadows move quietly, they don’t make a sound. Cold and misty, a mysterious sight. It’s a cold day on this starry night.
    -Matt Cota


Starry Night
Starry night, as I jump
Through the
Art by Vincent Van Gogh, I see lots of
Red, blue, yellow and green, some
black and some orange
Rushing wind on the side of my cheek
Yawning as I look at the
Night’s stars and the bright crescent
I’m almost too sleepy to
Go back
Home but
Try to stay up longer and see where I
will go.
    -Farrington Asberry-Lindquist