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Architectural Terms In Action

How do students in Rooms 209 and 211 create a flying buttress or a suspension bridge with their bodies?  

Overnight trip to Duluth

See photos of the kids getting ready to ride the bus to Duluth...

Beam, Arch, and Suspension Bridges

Click here to see photos of the students teaching each other about the three different types of bridges they studied: beam, arch, and suspension.

Kitchen Chemistry -- Pop Cans, Hot Plates, and Ice

Kids in 209 and 211 had great fun doing this experiment.  Ask you student to explain the experiment to you while looking through the photos here...

Kitchen Chemistry Mystery Powders

Students actively examined 6 mystery powders, observing their smell, appearance, texture, color and more.  Later, they observed and recorded how iodine and vinegar independently reacted with the six powders.  Some students heated the mystery powders to test if any of them reacted to the heat.  Click here to see photos from Friday's chemistry activities.

Marshmallow Magic Game

Today's architects played the Marshmallow Magic Game. The students built a stable structure using pieces they collected throughout the game.  In addition, Graeme and Sam shared some architectural blueprints from the remodel of Sam's home.  

Sketching Green Peppers

Curious?  It was an interesting Friday Architects!  Students gathered in groups to sketch the elevation, plan, and section of a green pepper.  Ask your child about these new terms.  These sketches were inspired by the illustrations in David Macaulay's books (Cathedral, Pyramid, City, Undergound, Castle, etc.).  Click here to see the students hard at work...

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