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In lieu of birthday treats/trinkets brought in on the student’s birthday, parents may purchase a book to donate to the class library in honor of their child’s birthday. Each student is welcome to donate a book to the classroom on their birthday. The story will be read to the class and each student may share why they chose the book. Each book will be tagged with the student’s name and birthday. It will be known to the class that it was a special donation.

BoOk OrDeRs

New books are a great way to get kiddos excited about reading and buying books from scholastic can really help support our classroom library. Every time a family in our classroom uses the classroom code to purchase books we earn bonus points. These points can be used to purchase new books and all kinds of other learning materials.  I will send paper orders home once a month but feel free to checkout the scholastic website in the meantime. Our classroom code is NHCQN. I will submit two orders each month. 


Classroom Code NHCQN

Getting To and From School

Mornings are tough and Barton starts at 7:30 a.m.! Please help your child get to sleep early so that they are here on time and HAPPY. Plus parents, early bedtime is extra YOU time. The classroom will open at 7:20. If students arrive prior to 7:20 they are asked to wait by the TV/Bench outside of the main office.

When the students arrive at Barton they have a big job to do! If a student is choosing to have school breakfast they must go right to the cafeteria to get their food. Their lunch pins will be written on the back of their bus tags. Once the student arrives in the classroom they are expected to INDEPENDENTLY hang up their belongings, and wash their hands

Please know your plan for getting to and from school for the first week. Please practice your child’s before and afterschool transportation routines. How are they getting home? Where is their bus stop? What bus do they ride? Is their schedule the same everyday or does it change? 

I am willing to work with unique schedules but please email me all changes no later than 6:30am, the day of. If your student needs to ride a different bus they will need a pass available in the main office. If your child’s transportation needs change please contact  our main office. Please allow 7 business days for changes to process. 

It is really important for parents to communicate with their students about the plans for after school. I cannot put enough emphasis on consistency. While we all know that stuff happens, please try your best to be consistent with kindergartener’s transportation plan.

We will check transportation info at the “meet your teacher” event. Kindergarteners will need a bus tag attached to their back pack at all times.

Parents picking students up afterschool should meet at the Flag Pole, in the front of Barton, on Colfax avenue by 2:00pm.

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