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Supplies needed for Gingerbread Houses
Sunday, December 6, 2009 9:15 PM

Dear Parents,
At this time of year I like to do a special project that involves building gingerbread houses. They are actually made of the little milk cartons we get our milk in at school and graham crackers for the walls. We build them using mountains of the white canned frosting to hold them together and decorate the outsides with many kinds of candies and cereals, raisins, coconut etc. for making doorways, windows, shingles, etc. Below is a list of supplies the kids generated of things they think they would use to decorate their house. They are also writing a Fairy Tale based on who is living in their gingerbread house. We will be putting the houses together into a neighborhood and hosting a Gingerbread Open House on Thursday morning, Dec. 17th from 7:30-9:00 am. Come and see our work! We’d love to have you view our project. 
Please send in any of these supplies by next Monday, Dec. 7th as we will begin to build houses on Friday, the 11th and I need to know if we are short any supplies so I can send out another notice for any specific things we still need. Please send unopened bags of these supplies to prevent sampling by students on the way to school.   Your child will bring their house home on Thursday, Dec 17th to do with as you please. We will be taking some pictures of houses and stories to use for reflection at our next conference day. 
The following supplies are also listed at   Look for the gingerbread house supplies under Dec. 17th.
Thanks for your support for this project.  
Mary Swenson
Supplies needed are : 
boxes of regular graham crackers              at least 15 cans of white frosting
pretzels, small sticks                                    chocolate chips
candy canes                                                  dry cereal like Wheat Chex
gumdrops                                                       sprinkles
small marshmallows                                      silver confection drops
licorice whips                                                 Hershey’s candy bars for roofs
Dots                                                                suckers 
peppermint candies                                      red hots
black licorice                                                  coconut