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Support the Barton Fund Today!
Sunday, November 3, 2019 12:20 PM

Support the Barton Fund

In his book, Loving Learning, Tom Little writes, “Progressive Education prepares students for active participation in a democratic society, in the context of a child-centered environment, and with an enduring commitment to social justice.”

Barton Open School is a diverse school that needs more support to expand our outreach into the community. This fall, Barton administration organized a peace walk to kick off the school year, and it was a small but significant way to show our kids how even tiny acts can make a great impact. With just a little support, Barton’s community presence could grow even larger.  Becoming a monthly sustainer is the best way to make a large impact with little commitment. 

We asked parent Kari Sharff why she has been a monthly sustainer for several years:  

“Netflix, Prime, Barton! Our family has given a modest monthly donation to Barton for several years. It's a small monthly amount that adds up to a sizable donation over the year. It's the simplest way for us to give to the Barton Fund. In addition to giving our time through volunteering opportunities, we feel it’s important to financially support the programs that benefit ALL the Barton children!”

The Barton Fund and the Barton administration set goals each year to expand the community outreach. A donation to the Barton Fund can help support these goals, like becoming an International Peace Site in South Minneapolis.  These goals can be achievable through the support of our monthly sustainers. It is funding we can count on every month. Monthly sustainers provide support to our students to reach beyond the walls of the school, to maximize their impact in the world.  

Help Barton expand our reach! Become a monthly sustainer today! Select “Make this a Monthly Donation” when clicking this link! 

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

The Barton Foundation

P.S. We’re over halfway to our fundraising goal of $15,000!! We’re asking each family to donate $60 per child for the school year. Become a monthly contributor and that’s just $5 per month per child.