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Thank You for Helping Make the Plant Sale a Success!
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 12:30 PM

Plant Sale Thank You

Many thanks to all the people who helped make the 2019 Barton Plant sale a success. We did it!!  We surpassed our goal of $80,000 by raising close to $83,000. Roughly half of that total goes to the Barton Foundation! 

Thank you to all of the students who got out there and sold green plants  and to the teachers who helped keep track of everything.  An extra thanks to Tracey (and Tracey’s homeroom), Pete, Allison, and Chuck and for their assistance as well as the Proetz family for their help. A big shout out to all of the students who arrived at school bright and early on Friday morning to unload the trucks. We would also like to thank our engineers Luis, Salvador and Brandon for their extra time and patience. Thank you to all of the Barton students who helped out on set up and pick-up days.  And we cannot forget to share our appreciation of the stellar Barton staff, Becky, Nasra, Tricia and Elizabeth, who supported the plant sale committee in many ways.

A BIG thank you to all of the incredible plant sale volunteers: Anne-Marie Fischer, Carolyn Ramberg, Katie Scott, Libby Jensen, Naomi Mechels, Ann Marie Freeman, Sonja Sharp, Jenny Christensen, Alicia Franklin, Julia Mullin, Shella Treon Treon, Genevieve Bennett, Sara Johnson, Tessa Wetjen, Mike Jischke, Jerri Wagner, Jessica Garris,Charlie Kapp, Ali Naughton, Annik Miller, Arwen Wilder, Rosanna Faber, Erin Klug, Julia Mullin, Kirsten Walstead, Kristi Smith Knutson, Lara Roy, Mel Muller, Ulla Nilsen, Shelly Lipetzky, Melissa Gould, Sarah Tarleton, Michele Nealen, Molly Cooper, Molly Hilkene, Kelly Chapin, Heidi Eschenbacher, Carla Manzoni, Victoria Neis, Michelle Pryce, Sarah Kuzel-Leslie, Heather Cholat, Brenda Johnson, Catherine Myers, Tony Siebenaler-Ransom, Kari Sharff, Kris Woelber and Zach Carlson.

And finally, we want to acknowledge the plant sale committee members who are transitioning out of their roles, but will be remembered fondly for their innovation, dedication and combined 20 plus years of experience making Barton Plant Sales great.  Thank you, Brenda Johnson, Catherine Myers, and Sarah Kuzel-Leslie!!

With gratitude for our amazing community,

The Plant Sale Committee,

Tony Siebenaler-Ransom, Brenda Johnson, Catherine Myers, Heather Cholat, Michelle Pryce, Kris Woelber, Kari Sharff, Sarah Kuzel-Leslie and Zach Carlson