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The News, November 16, 2013
Sunday, November 17, 2013 8:25 PM

The News from Room 209
November 16, 2013

Magic Tree House Research Project Editors Needed
This was the week we started our work to develop an informational poster.

Each student began by selecting a subtopic and the accompanying note cards. After also finding a matching image, students started writing a short paragraph (think of an extended caption) to support and further explain the image. We have been clipping right along, and most have at least 3 paragraphs written.

Which brings me to my next point. HELP! We will NEED EDITING HELP! Think 29 students with 7 - 10 paragraphs each! Yikes! I will send an email next week listing dates and times when we will be working on our projects. If you have any time available to assist us, it will be greatly appreciated.

Art Adventures
Every year, third and fourth graders participate in a program called Art Adventures. Eight pieces of art from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ collection are chosen and studied in the classroom. This year’s theme is Animals in Art. Last week Annik Miller (Paul Wiese’s mom) shared two of the paintings, and this week, Nora’s mom, Kathy Cassidy, presented 2 more pieces. The project culminates with a trip to the MIA to view the artworks in person.

The One and Only Ivan
We finished reading The One and Only Ivan! The plot was very engaging, we cared about the characters, and by the time we got to the end, we were able to identify the theme (author’s message). We had to dig deep into the text to figure out just what the author was really saying, but we did it! This was a story about Ivan, the silverback gorilla, Ruby and Stella the elephants, Bob, the dog and Julia, but it was really about belonging; having a family.

The discussion then went a littler deeper and became more personal. Our final summary of the theme also included the idea that not all families are the same; that family is the people you care about and those that care about you.

We all agreed this was a great read aloud.

Friday Physics
We spent the hour shooting rubber bands around the upper floor – all in an effort to start understanding the concepts of potential and kinetic energy. This work included measuring distance and recording data on a chart. We ran out of time, so we’ll be launching rubber bands next week, too.

Spike is a very quiet houseguest! He still has no plans for the winter break. Think about it!

On the Calendar
Sinfonia Concert (Commons) – December 2
Tuesday, December 10 – 6pm – 7pm – Magic Tree House Celebration
Friday, December 13 – Field Trip to Physics Circus