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The News, November 3, 2013
Monday, November 4, 2013 7:15 PM

The News from Room 209
November 3, 2013

Magic Tree House Research Project
We have been traveling the world and going back into history with Jack and Annie, the main characters in Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House series.

So far students have:

• selected topics
• read the fiction text
• read the nonfiction research guide and other informational text
• taken and organized notes

This week we will continue reading and start learning how to create an interesting and informational poster. Each student will need to determine a “BIG IDEA” for the topic and start selecting images for the poster.

We will celebrate our learning on Tuesday, December 10 from 6:00 – 7:00pm. Please put this date on your calendar and plan to stay for the entire hour. The classroom and hallway will become a museum of posters. Students will stand by their posters and present multiple times during the hour. You will have the opportunity to visit other students, after starting at your student’s poster. This is a family event, so please invite grandparents, etc. I have attached a Parent School Newsletter that describes the various non-fiction features that we are learning about as we work on this project.

Stamp Club
The Room 209 and 211 philatelists have paid their dues, started collecting, begun soaking and mounting stamps on their album pages, and now are ready to get going on the real work of Stamp Club: PROJECTS. On Thursday, a group of experienced 4th graders taught the group the finer points of Stamp Club projets.

Step 1: Find a stamp that piques your curiosity.
Step 2: Working independently or with a partner, research the topic and
write a report or create a PowerPoint.
Step 3: Practice and present to the Stamp Club membership.
Step 4: Answer questions from the group and receive applause.
Step 5: Find a new topic!

Friday Physics
This week students will show what they know about gravity and the balancing point of an object by creating a balancing toy and describing how it works.

The One and Only Ivan
The current read aloud is the Newbery Award winning novel The One and Only Ivan. It is the story of a silverback gorilla that has lived in a cage at the Big Top Mall for 27 years. We are at the point where the main character starts to change, and where the theme of this story starts to emerge.

Read Alouds are an opportunity for students to practice more sophisticated comprehension strategies in a guided and supported way. Through this shared experience we will be exploring inference, author’s message, theme, and characterization.

Spike is ready to start planning his “winter getaway”! If you are going to be in town over our winter break (he can be alone for a weekend) and are willing to host him, please let me know.

He has a smaller traveling cage and comes with complete instructions. The kids care for him at school, so they all know what to do. The big parent responsibilities include buying crickets and salad ingredients.

On the Calendar
Wednesday, November 13 - Wild Rumpus Book Fair
Tuesday, December 10 – 6pm – 7pm – Magic Tree House Celebration
Friday, December 13 – Field Trip to Physics Circus