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The News, September 30
Monday, October 1, 2012 9:00 PM

The News From Room 209
September 30, 2012

It was quite a week: swimming and gym! But that wasn’t all. Read on to see some of what has happened and what is coming up.

Classroom Pet
Have you heard the latest? The students in Room 209 need a classroom pet! Really! Just ask all 29 of them. Last spring there was a big effort to secure a pet, complete with fundraising and begging! And while this topic was kept alive through much of the year, the action didn’t start until May!

So here we are again. Pleading for pets. I still have the donations from last spring, but serious consideration of a pet would require more than $8.45. I did a little research online and found that Pet Smart has a grant program for classroom pets! We agreed, it sounds great. Since I wouldn’t think of making this all important decision on my own, small groups will research all aspects of Pet Smart’s recommended “beginner pets” - aquatic turtle, bearded dragon, fancy rat, fish, guinea pig,
hamster, leopard gecko, and snake. Each group will create an informational poster, present their findings, and make a recommendation to the class. Stay tuned!

Friday Architects
Another week - another challenge. Partners worked to construct the tallest, freestanding tower possible, using only 30 plastic drinking straws and 3 feet of masking tape, in 20 minutes. The teamwork, creativity and effort were impressive. Every straw structure had some sort of base, and that is where our focus will be on Friday: Foundations.

So, we need pennies for this Friday’s work. Have your child count how many pennies she/he brings to school, so they all can be returned. (This is not a cheap ploy to support the new classroom pet!)

Moon Journals
This week we will begin our first science unit: Sun, Moon and Stars. The Moon will be at the center of this study with daily observations, journaling, sketching, creative writing and art work. I will launch this work here at school with the daytime observations, then on Wednesday the journal will come home for homework. It will go home every day and
need to be returned to school the next morning. Check the first pages of your child’s for an overview of the project.

In the Backpack …
Homework Folder - Cursive opinion writing due Tuesday
Moon Journal will be coming home every night starting Wednesday