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This I Believe Student Essays
This I Believe



A public dialogue about belief--one essay at a time.

This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives. Some 100,000 of these essays, written by people from all walks of life are archived on their website, heard on

public radio, chronicled through their books, and featured in weekly podcasts.  The project is based on the popular 1950s radio series of the same name hosted by Edward R. Murrow.


Listen to essays from students who have graduated. This spring, current students will explore their beliefs, write, and record their own essays!

  Alena   --  "You Look Beautiful"

  Rachel   --  "Little Ant, Big Dreams"

  Clark   --  "It's the Little Things"

  Hannah H.   --  "Acts of Kindness"

  Myranda   --  "Create Your Future"

  Tova   --  "Stomping on Oceans"

  Vaughn   --  "The Skill of Apology"

  Nate   --  "The Best Part of Food"

  Nadine   --  "Writing"

  Eli M.   --  "Hunting"

  Billie   --  "Corrine and Mr. Cardinal"

  Amanda   --  "Determination to Get Stronger"

  Matthew R.   --  "Singing is a Path to True Empathy"

  Tess   --  "The Power of Harry Potter"

  Cyrus   --  "Fight for Your Beliefs"

  Ella M.   --  "So Can I"

  Claire   --  "Things I've Grown to Love"

  Liam   --  "Tolerance of Differences"

  Lindsey   --  "The Power of an Apology"

  Hannah C.   --  "Cherish the Simple Things"

  Mona   --  "Songs Are Powerful"

  Ilhan   --  "Apologies"

  Meredith   --  "Gift of Family"

  Jenna   --  "What is it That I Believe?"

  Kirra   --  "Life's Lessons Can Come From Anybody"

  Amran   --  "The Smallest Moments Have the Biggest Effect"

  Gabe M.   --  "What If It Was Me?"

  Sebastian   --  "The Stuff Around Us"

  Henry   --  "You Can Do Anything"

  Alex   --  "Family Matters"

  Gabe H.   --  "Fine The Way You Are"