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Weekly Email - Oct 5
Saturday, October 5, 2013 7:35 PM



The week that was:

Reading and writing:  
Joanne read the new Debra Frasier book Spike featuring a dog as the main character.  This lead us into introducing chapter books with dogs as important characters as well as using what they'd learned through Spike about how to create a strong character for their own writing and create an interesting "voice" for that character.  

They busily and very creatively have been working hard on their own dog stories in their writing notebooks.  We hope to have them to publishable by the end of next week.  Please ask them to tell you the gist of their story and where they are headed with their characters.  Ask about their "dog" - they were all given a sheet with a special dog and accompanying facts to help them with this task - unless they chose to use their own pet.

Please ask your child who their reading partner or partners are, what book they are reading together, and for a synopsis of the story so far.  Please also check with them to see if they need to read a bit on the weekend to be caught up with the reading schedule they created for their group.

Word Work:  
This tied into words from Spike used to help with descriptive writing.  Ask about the cat and dog puppets that were part of this and some of the sentences they wrote about their cat and dog to help them create traits of character for these animals.

3rd grade is working on various strategies for adding larger numbers and exploring how addition and subtraction are related skills.

4th grade is working on multiplication facts and strategies.

Other Stuff
The class did required MAP computer testing for reading yesterday.  We are now done with our fall computer testing.

The Food Coop folks came and did their last program on "keepers" Friday morning.  Please ask what kinds of food harvested from the garden fit into this category and how they liked their tasting yesterday from one of the foods in the cole family.

Hazel's mom (Lisa Taglia) finished sewing a beautiful quilt with art made by the kids for Jaci.  She also took a photo of the class with the quilt and we made a big card to accompany the gift with this photo.   If you see Lisa please thank her for this extra effort. Jaci will be getting it sometime this weekend.  I chatted with her a bit on the phone yesterday - she sounded quite chipper and has made it through her first chemotherapy. There were a rough couple of days, but she is feeling better again.

The week to come:

Heads-up things:
Pictures taken on Monday morning at 9:30.  Please be sure your child has their order packet with them that day - if you have not already sent it in.

Since last week the schedule has changed so that we swim from Tuesday - Friday instead of Mon. - Thur.  I told the kids if they'd like to bring their swim bag on Monday to be sure it is here they are welcome, Tuesday is the first day it is actually needed.  We encourage them just to lay their towels and suits out on their chairs to dry after school on the following days - less chance of forgetting at home that way.  

Wednesday Barton is taking part in  "Walk, Bike, or Roll" to school (roll = skateboard or scooter).  This is sponsored by our Green Team in hopes of using less fossil fuels on that day and encouraging physical fitness.

Wed. is also "Anti-Bullying" day - please help your child find something ORANGE to wear as a show of support.

If you have not seen the salmon colored sheet requesting funds to pay for three publications Jaci ordered to use with the class please search for it in your child's backpack.  Thanks to those of you who've already sent it back for us.

Goal-setting conferences scheduled:  

  • Monday, 10/7   2:00 Hassan, 3:00 Connor   
  • Tuesday, 10/8   3:00 Grace,  4:00 Franny, 4:30 Maddie
  • Wednesday, 10/9  3:30  Ada
  • Thursday, 10/10  3:00 Mary, 3:30  Peter,  4:00  Katie,  4:30  Zoey

Continued reading in dog chapter books.  We also have a plethora of nonfiction dog books for extra reading in the room.

We will also use our first National Geographic magazine for practice with nonfiction text reading.

Word Work:  
Because of swimming we will be giving daily spelling tasks to practice instead of a regular list. We think this will work better with our available worktime.

Both grades will be practicing measurement skills with linear and weight metric measurements.

The dog sagas will continue.

Enjoy a wonder-filled weekend.

Kathy and Joanne