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June 1, 2011


Room 114 Families,

     I can hardly believe this is my last Wednesday letter for the school year!  It has been my privilege to get to know your child and your family.   At Barton we all very much feel that your child’s education is a partnership with the school and the family.  I know I feel that way; I certainly couldn’t have had such a great year without all your help.  That help comes in many ways.  Some of the help is going on field trips, providing supplies and snacks but there is also the behind the scene support, providing scholarship money for field trips, making Memory books and helping on Monday journal time.  Everyone gave us support by sending your child each morning (not so easy at an early start school!) ready to learn.  I hope you all have a safe, fun and relaxing summer!  Please stop in next year I love to see all my kindergartners and their families!

     Here’s what is going on this week in kindergarten:


·      Julia is about done teaching.  This week she is helping the children finish up their special Dutch birthday calendars and doing some observations of other grade levels at Barton.  We will be having a good-bye party for Julia next Tuesday.  I will be purchasing a gift card as a thank you gift for Julia.  If any families wish to contribute to the gift card you can send your contribution in to Kate any time before next Tuesday.

·      Tomorrow is our Portfolio and Memory book-sharing event.  See the invitation your child decorated in the folder today.  A special thank you goes to Camille’s mom, Rosanna Faber and Griffyn’s mom, Lisa Hoon for all their hard work and creativity in making the Memory books.  I know you will all enjoy them for many years!

·      We have started visiting 1st/2nd grade classrooms.  Yesterday we met Dawn White and Jane Spicer and saw their classrooms.  The kindergarteners asked questions about:  homework, spelling words and specialists.  We will continue to visit all the other teachers and classrooms later this week and next week.

·      Our pizza luncheon was very fun and tasty!  Six large pizzas and a bag of apples were gone in minutes!

·      We are working on end of the year projects, writing and drawing samples for our new teachers in first grade.

·      We will be an audience for Jay and Allison’s upper dance and choir classes, later this week.

·      We will attend next Monday’s ALL School Morning Meeting but NOT go to Lake Day.  Instead the children will partner up and get to explore the mostly empty school for a bit on their own, that’s right, the Kings and Queens of the school!

·      Later this week and next we will read some special stories that lend themselves to some creative activities.  First we read The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and make our own hats.  Later we will read about the Littles, tiny, mouse size people who live among the big size people and the children will use all our blocks and building supplies and make their own “Littles city”.

·      Next Monday we will have the grand give-away!  Yes, who will be the lucky kindergartner to bring home the 100 items collection book?  Or which family will get to hang the number of days of kindergarten in their home?  Only time will tell!  Look for many school projects to be coming home today and next week.

This is the last folder day; so feel free to keep (or throw away!) the take-home folder!  Your child does not need to return it to school.

See you all tomorrow morning for Portfolio and Memory book sharing!