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Weekly News - Nov 26
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 8:10 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Most importantly enjoy a wonderful holiday with your families, here are just a few brief things from 220.

In case you have a bit of extra time for a family project with your child over these 4 days I am attaching a pdf showing how to make a simple little microscope with common supplies.  

Last week we worked hard to wrap up a few things that were in progress.  Most kids have finished their dog story posters and we invite you to come by and read them, they hang in the hall by our room.

We worked on knowing how to properly address an envelope - watch for an envelope from Clara Barton coming to your home mailbox soon.

We worked on using illustrations from Allen Say books to make inferences about the stories. Ask about the River Dream or the Lost Lake stories, the kinds of illustrations they were observing, and how this helped them to more deeply think about and understand the story.

3rd grade worked on finishing up their unit on addition and subtraction using numbers up to 1000.

4th grade started a unit on algebraic thinking.

We investigated a variety of papers (newspaper, comic pages, shiny magazine paper) under the microscope.  Ask what surprises were found by magnifying these items.


Grace's mom, Jean, came yesterday to do a wonderful presentation about art objects from the MIA that we will visit on our upcoming field trip.  Ask your child about the objects of animal art they saw and what interested them about those objects.  They started a project which they will finish up next week.  (Thanks Jean!)

I sent home notices regarding ordering the Barton Yearbook - look for a half sheet of white paper. I also sent home a blue sheet about head lice - yes, they've appeared in 220.


The week to come:

Word Work:  
Our work will connect to the Dec. issue of the National Geographic Explorer magazine we will be working with throughout the week.

We will be using the "good reader" skills we've been practicing with the Allen Say books and moving into an author study using chapter books.

4th grade - more pre-algebra work.  Our exercises involve setting up situations where a problem would be most efficiently solved by "seeing" an equation that would work to help.  

3rd grade: We are starting a new unit focusing on the multiplication and the inverse relationship with division.  Playing games with your child to practice facts is always a request on our part. 

I am hoping our little live critters survive the weekend at school and we will be able to practice viewing living, moving things with our microscopes.

Upcoming field trips:  (Chaperones requested)

12/13  Physics Force - field trip slips came home this week - look for green paper

12/19  MIA 

Encourage your child to play hard this long weekend, we have lots of focused work planned for the remaining three weeks before winter break.

Enjoy a wonder-filled weekend with your wonderful children!


Kathy and Joanne