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Weekly Word Work

Circling Around Abstraction              

1.    abstract
2.    abstraction
3.    adventurous                          
4.    arc
5.    artist
6.    artistic
7.    circle
8.    circling
9.    circular
10.    creativity
11.    curved
12.    express
13.    imagination
14.    individuality
15.    nature
16.    representation
17.    sphere
18.    spiral
19.    style
20.    whorl

…Georgia O'Keeffe disliked it when people called her a "woman artist"? She didn't think that being a woman should matter to her art. She wanted to be thought of only as "an artist."
…she drew cartoons of her teachers for her high school yearbook? She was the art editor, and her classmates put this rhyme under her picture:
O is for O'Keeffe; an artist divine
Her paintings are perfect and her drawings are fine.
…in 1977, Georgia O'Keeffe received the U.S. Medal of Freedom? This is the highest honor our government gives to a civilian.

…she didn't sign her paintings? She didn't think she had to—she thought people would be able to tell they were hers because of what she painted and how she painted it. Do you think you could recognize one of her paintings?
…Georgia O'Keeffe lived and painted on her ranch in New Mexico until she was almost one hundred years old?

Work to do:
A.  Make a chart to show how many syllables are in each word.
              1 syllable    2 syllables    3 syllables    4 or more

B.  Make art like Georgia O’Keefe!   Select something roundish from nature to study.   Set it on your desk or a table and observe it carefully.  Study the colors, shapes and patterns.  Notice what makes this object unique.   Make a series of drawings to explore this object.  
1st – Draw it with only a pencil, using no color.
2nd – Draw it again with colors as close to the natural as possible. (Colored pencil or crayon.)
3rd – Draw it again using only two colors – any two of your choice.  (Colored pencil or crayon.)
4th – Draw it one more time with any colors you want – use your imagination!  (colored pencil, crayon, pastels, watercolors).  

C.  Pretend it is your job to create a brochure to interest visitors to come to the museum to visit a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit.  Create the brochure and use at least 12 words from the list.  Underline them in purple.